9 thoughts on “Thunderstorms Brewing?

    • The horizon was barely visible had it not been for the boats 🙂🙂
      UK includes mountains as a valid excuse 😉

      • We’re currently in North Wales, near the coast, (post to come soon 😊) and one moment the sky is covered in clouds and only 10 minutes later it’s almost completely blue! (Today it went the other way and it’s been raining most of the day!)

      • Oh! You are lucky to enjoying lovely Wales no matter the weather ⭐😀
        (Thanks for helping me, Mike!! 😀)

  1. Great photo, Hanna. It reminds me of the last two lines of the title poem in my new poetry collection (Slow Sea Rising): “The perfect balance of a small boat/ Drifting on a blue horizon.”

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