14 thoughts on “My Walk in the Snow Today

    • When snow is covering the field that always remind me of a mountain pass in Norway. Funny but there are marks in the landscape with a certain significance. A hidden hint of adventures in other parts of the world. I really get a lot out of walking, Magnoliae 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment,

    • You are most welcome, Isabel. I saw the kingfisher the other day. I even caught a blue glimpse with my camera 🙂

      Kingfisher at the bridge
      It’s the third time in my entire life.
      Wish you a joyous weekend,

  1. Gosh, you have some real snow, Hanna, very nice! 🙂 We feel envious now. Norway is simpl too warm at the moment. I certainly hope this is not the new normal.
    Ha en god helg, vennen min!

    • Kære Hanne, I skulle ha’ været i Blekinge, Sverige. Der faldt 30 cm nysne på 2 døgn. Vi har kun fået 15 cm! 🙂
      Jeg er sikker på, at det er de første tegn på et markant anderledes klima, desværre!
      I ønskes en rigtig dejlig weekend.
      Mange hilsner,

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