On A Hot Summer Day

Crows, strutting among bluebells and buttercups.
The skylark is dancing in the blue, singing absolutely wonderful. Otherwise everything is quiet in the scorching sun.
The deer are hiding in the shade.
It’s very hot, the jaunt is out of this world.

Exotic Words and Places

I love the writing by the Danish author, Henrik Nordbrandt. His words create amazing scenarios in the cinema of my soul.
Exotic words and places, become like little boats broken loose from their moorings, to drift off in high sea. Soon up, soon down. Soon up, overlooking magnificent palaces, and exuberant crowds, soon down, where only half-truths are revealed and the rest is filled with the invigorating power of imagination.

… Around your figure stands an aura, like a blooming hawthorn had set itself on fire to surpass your shadow in beauty.
Added strings to your being would deepen the silence
or make the strings burst into song …

This poetry is taken from a wonderful poem, Alcyone and translated by myself. Forgive me for that!

Henrik Nordbrandt

The enchanted lake

This year, nature is more beautiful than ever.
Today I came past the lake, Hjortekæret which some of you might recognise again.
The light changes a lot, which makes the lake a lovely motif.
The lake is a popular destination for some walkers.
Children might fantasise while the adults enjoy the tranquillity.
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