Staying On The Path Might Save You

I had a remarkable experience a few weeks ago when I was cycling through the Deer Park. The Stags were busy sweeping their antlers among a group of trees. I stood quietly watching the impressive show. When I… Read More


Now the autumn storms begin. Yesterday the wind reached storm and I am getting used to see trees tumbling around me. One day I had a delay before I left home and a huge tree had blocked the… Read More

Sunshine Days and Foggy Nights

Bird song can not be heard, only a duck breaks the silence, while it frightened flutters across the pond. A dense fog muffles the sound and blurs the detail. I have walked here summer and winter. Devoutly I… Read More

Outdoor activity and Happiness

Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut var på Lyngby Sø i dag. Studerende fra Friluftslinien er ved at certificere sig som Kajak-, Kano- og Skiinstruktører. Christian Thaulow var med som underviser i kano. I dag blev der trænet egenfærdighed i Kano…. Read More