Outdoor activity and Happiness

Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut var på Lyngby Sø i dag.

Studerende fra Friluftslinien er ved at certificere sig som Kajak-, Kano- og Skiinstruktører.
Christian Thaulow var med som underviser i kano.

I dag blev der trænet egenfærdighed i Kano. Tidligere øvelser er foregået på foss i Sverige.

Glæde, bevægelse og samarbejde, det er de ord, jeg vil bruge om den herlige udfoldelse, jeg så i dag.


Første gang lykkedes øvelsen ikke, men anden gang –

Tak for en hyggelig snak og bræk en paddel i morgen 🙂 ❤

Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut

8 Comments on “Outdoor activity and Happiness

  1. Es muy bonito ver esas imágenes tan alegres; gozar de la naturaleza así es una maravilla, se puede oír hasta las risas de los niños.
    Gracias, querida Hanna por estas fotos!
    Un montón de besos!

    • Bárbara, que era un montón de diversión para ver la magia que podían hacer con esas canoas. Creo que tuve que practicar un par de veces antes de tener éxito 🙂
      Les deseo una buena noche, Barbara 🙂 ❤ 🐻

  2. That looks like good energetic fun. I used to do a bit of kayaking and canoeing, but many years ago. There are so many things to do and they all need squeezing in. Occasionally some get squeezed out.
    Cheers, Alen

    • It was great fun to watch. One of the canoes was without the keel and that makes it very unruly.
      One of the first time I was going in a canoe I was down by one of the locations you have witness so often on this blog. While I stood there waiting for my nephew I did a lot of calculations on what I was not supposed to do.
      A larger party was going out in canoes for a race. Not everybody was sober. They were warned against a canoe without a keel. It was quick but unruly. Just like a wild horse 🙂
      An ambitious couple chose ‘the horse’. The man sat down pretty agile. The woman had intended to equip the beast with oddments. When she was busy doing so at one point, the balance shifted and the rail came down at the height of the water surface. It was a sensational example of the roasting pan effect 😀
      The canoe sank and the couple stood in water up to chest height. I was completely paralysed. I had violent recommendations to my nephew. We should avoid ‘the horse’.
      Maybe you tried kayaking in the sea. That must be great fun too.
      All the best,

  3. This looks like so much fun! I’ve done a little bit of kayaking when I was young and enjoyed it. Great pictures again, Hanna! So nice to see people having a joyful experience outdoors. 🙂

    • Hi Jane. Having fun outdoor is very easy. There are so much good energy in outdoor activity but you and I already know that don’t we 🙂 🙂
      Happy weekend to you ❤

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