Buttercups and Fairy Miners

Everything is lush and green as far as the eye can see, but after a while there is something that interferes with the green.
Golden glimpse between tall pines. Buttercups. Billions of buttercups.
As if that weren’t enough, the beautiful Icelandic horses adorn the meadow and immortalise this vibrant summer day
That’s what walking is all about:
Beautiful discoveries ❤

There must be fairy miners
Just underneath the mould,
Such wondrous quaint designers
Who live in caves of gold.

They take the shining metals,
And beat them into shreds,
And mould them into petals
To make the flowers’ heads.

Sometimes they melt the flowers
To tiny seeds like pearls,
And store them up in bowers
For little boys and girls.

And still a tiny fan turns
Above a forge of gold,
To keep, with fairy lanterns,
The world from growing old.

By Wilfrid Thorley

12 thoughts on “Buttercups and Fairy Miners

  1. Aren’t Icelandic horses delightful? I find them beautiful and impish — not unlike fairy miners! — at the same time. And you’ve certainly done them justice with your beautiful photos! Lovely set, Hanna.

    • Dear Heide. The pleasure is entirely on my side. Who wouldn’t like to wander among beautiful horses and buttercups.
      Thank you so much!!

  2. This lovely poem raises thoughts and feelings about how our passions may be hidden and kept down by whatever life-denying norms and ideas that we have to meet with and handle in our lives. And then there are flowers, poems helping us see our passions again, giving us moments of color and light and bliss so we can live and hope again.

  3. Beautiful pictures. 🙂 You may think that there are wild horses, given the large areas they have, and that it’s natural terrain. Is it wetlands where the yellow flowers grow?

    • Thanks a lot, John. The yellow flowers are ‘smörblommor’ 🙂
      The area is called Hessemose. That means ‘Hesse-myr’ in Swedish or bog in English. You are asking an interesting question because that type of nature has become more rare in Denmark due to drainage.
      But now lakes and bogs are re-established in the Danish forests to give more biodiversity. A true bliss for the eye!

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