Thunder and Cows

This was a great afternoon walk on Femsølyng a part of Rude Skov.
We didn’t catch the car before the thunder broke loose. Afterwards there was torrential rain.
What about the cows? Do they seek shelter under the trees and expose themselves to lightning?
Well, there wasn’t enough space in the car!

I always think of Johan Thomas Lundbye’s paintings of cows and landscape. This is a Study sheet from 1844 by Lundbye.

Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818-1848), Studieblad fra Vognserup. Studier af koeer og af to faarehoveder samt af staaende malkepige og en roegter, 1844-09-02

16 thoughts on “Thunder and Cows

    • That’s very interesting, Alen. Once I experienced a severe thunderstorm. The seagulls landed on the field opposite where we lived.
      They all faced the same way too but notice they didn’t sat down!!
      I wonder if the cows were making themselves as ‘low’ as possible regarding lightning?

  1. For a brief time when I was younger I worked as a ranch hand, and can reassure you that cows are smarter than humans, when it comes to judging the weather. 🙂 It’s really sad that sometimes they do get struck by lightning, but at least they have the good sense to take shelter when it’s available. All the same, beautiful image! I really love the quality of the light, and the peaceful pastoral scene in spite of the menacing black clouds.

  2. I just want to be in there around the cows. your photos bring such a peace of mind 🙂

    • Dear Sunitha. You are most welcome. There was such a pleasant atmoshere in the place but thunder forced us to seek shelter 🙂

    • Once I cut a shortcut across a fenced field. When I was halfway across the field, a big bunch of heifers went galloping. It looked very violently, so I rushed back where I came from, the backpack over the fence while I slid through the mud under the fence. Unfortunately, there was no one who filmed it …
      We can always use a good laugh 🙂 🙂

      • A bunch of cows hunted me once when I was about 17 and was out and looking for birds. They run in full speed and stopped 1 meter from me. I had the back at them and did´t saw them.

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