A lake named after a little fish

The lake is named after the little fish, Bleak. The Danish name for the fish is Løje, hence Løjesø. In the north-east corner of the lake is a good bathing spot. Though I will always prefer the beach…. Read More

The Haze in Autumn

Withered woods, dried up rivers. People talk about summer in October. About confused bird nesting. Chestnut trees and rhododendrons are in bloom. Today I heard this advice in the radio: Enjoy the weather and don’t think. Søllerød Naturpark

A walk with Komoot

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Thunder and Cows

This was a great afternoon walk on Femsølyng a part of Rude Skov. We didn’t catch the car before the thunder broke loose. Afterwards there was torrential rain. What about the cows? Do they seek shelter under the… Read More

Keep it wild and get lost

I thought I knew the forest and I wasn’t impressed. A country road divides the forest into two parts, destroying my illusion of a true nature experience. Only because I got lost, I discovered new areas, and that… Read More

Dear Silly Spring

We sat on a fallen tree, enjoying the warmth from the spring sun. Finally, warmer weather! It was a wonderful day of good wind and scudding clouds. But I noticed, small bits of cotton wool dancing in the… Read More

Much Ado

It began to snow in the evening. The snow blocked the view. The world went white. At the same time came the silence. The kind of silence that is almost audible. The silence that gets us to relax… Read More

The Great Door Opens

Today I had a dazzling walk in bright sunshine. I almost got a feeling of spring ❤ As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain… Read More

Thaw and Icy wind

Weather is changing now. Thaw and icy wind were my companions on today’s walk. While I write these words rain is drumming on the roof. Autumn Conundrum It’s not that every leaf must finally fall . . …. Read More