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17 Replies to “A walk with Komoot”

  1. Such a beautiful route. Thank you, Hanna, for sharing your impressions. Denmark is still a green and beautiful country. And you captured really beautiful moments.

    1. Hi Stefan. Thank you so much for your time ❤
      Komoot is a great tool for finding your way around in forests and sharing a tour at the same time.
      No pay back commission! 🙂
      All the best,

      1. Hi Hanna,
        it was my pleasure. And thank you recommending Komoot which sounds really an interesting tool.
        All the best still for you,

    1. Hej Skvitt! Det er også min favorit, hver gang jeg går forbi 🙂
      Stubben ‘fortæller’ om livets gang 🙂

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