A Happy Walk

I had a happy walk yesterday.
For once the sun shone, and there was only one place where the path was impossible to walk. I did not want to swim and had to turn around. On the other hand, I managed to balance along the ski trail, where snow and mud were adorned by small lakes.

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.
Edward Stanley

Much Ado

It began to snow in the evening. The snow blocked the view. The world went white. At the same time came the silence. The kind of silence that is almost audible. The silence that gets us to relax and put the world to a halt.
The morning came and the world was new. The forest was stunningly beautiful. The sun’s warming drew thick white lines against the azure sky when cascades of snow had to let go of their hold in the tall pines in the forest. Everywhere I could hear unexpected sounds as if there were thousands of animals set loose among the trees. But it was the snow that was visiting and did much ado about itself.

Rude Skov, Rudersdal Kommune

The Great Door Opens

Today I had a dazzling walk in bright sunshine. I almost got a feeling of spring ❤

As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens.
Stephen Graham, The Gentle Art of Tramping

Loeje Soe

The Polluted Lake

Here at Søllerød Lake was a laundry from the years 1850 to 1974.
The laundry spent many chemicals which were discharged into the lake.
Also, a treatment plant contributed to the lake’s pollution until the municipality closed the outdated plant in 2005.
Søllerød Municipality removed the nutrient-rich water from the lake for 18 years.
The lake was green due to heavy pollution.
Now you can enjoy a swim in the lake if it is warm enough I might add.

If you take a walk on the 42 kilometer long Rudersdalruten you will pass Søllerød Lake on your way.

Happy walk and enjoy your packed lunch ❤

Pollen with legs and wings

Drifting clouds cast shadows on fields; lakes; trees and the path in front of me.
Nature becomes alive and everything changes. This is enchanting.
I hear fledglings everywhere, fragrant Mirabelle spread their delicate fragrance for the capture of bumblebees and other flying creatures to insure the next generation and supply pollen with legs and wings.
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz

Dreams and the Outdoor

Have you seen the video: Into The Canadian Rockies
Such films have a positive influence on me. I need to get out in nature. I get the urge to wander through landscapes. Do I have that kind of landscape in Denmark? Absolutely not but the inspiration keeps me dreaming and that is the most important thing of it all. For without dreams we are not moving at all. We have to be able to imagine new opportunities, otherwise we are not trying to achieve them.

I went for a walk in Ravnholm Forest, or the Danish Switzerland, that is the nickname for the forest. It’s a wonderful forest with hills and slopes.
In a small clearing among pine trees a smoke rose from a campfire. The children sat in a circle and ate fruit and had a good time.
I think that the children will acquire an invaluable approach to nature that makes them capable to move and protect nature in the right way in the future.

Happy Hiking ❤

Ravnholm Skov

Ravnholm Skov

Ravnholm Skov

Har du set videoen:  Into The Canadian Rockies
Sådanne film har en positiv indflydelse på mig. Jeg har brug for at komme ud i naturen. Jeg får lyst til at vandre gennem landskaber.

Har jeg den slags landskab i Danmark? Absolut ikke, men inspirationen holder mine drømme i live, og det er det vigtigste af det hele, for uden drømme bevæger vi os ikke.

Vi er nødt til at forestille os nye muligheder, ellers forsøger vi ikke at nå dem.

Jeg gik en tur i Ravnholm Skov, eller Det Danske Schweiz, som er kælenavnet for skoven. Det er en vidunderlig skov med bakker og skråninger, hvilket er årsagen til kælenavnet.

I en lille lysning mellem fyrretræer steg røgen op fra et lejrbål. Børnene sad i en cirkel og spiste frugt. De havde en god tid mellem voksne, som er dedikerede naturfolk.
Jeg tror, at børnene vil få en uvurderlig tilgang til naturen, der gør dem i stand til at bevæge sig og beskytte naturen på den rigtige måde i fremtiden.

Rigtig god tur derude ❤