Pollen with legs and wings

Drifting clouds cast shadows on fields; lakes; trees and the path in front of me.
Nature becomes alive and everything changes. This is enchanting.
I hear fledglings everywhere, fragrant Mirabelle spread their delicate fragrance for the capture of bumblebees and other flying creatures to insure the next generation and supply pollen with legs and wings.
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz
Danske Schweiz

15 thoughts on “Pollen with legs and wings

    • Thank you, Jacint. It’s a lovely spot with much industrial history because of the water force in the river. In the summertime many people enjoy the stream in canoes and kayaks.

  1. Delicious spring! You seem to have sun as well – we have mostly rain and cold, and I suffer with the little birds trying to cope. Last spring so many couples did not make it with their hatching and there were very few birds this winter. I had hoped for a warmer and drier year…but maybe it is not too late.
    Beautiful, beautiful photos with the hope of real spring!

  2. Beautiful pictures, and that house looks like something out of a fairy tale! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sheila, sometimes there are magic days in nature and this was one of them. The light means a lot when it comes to experience colours and shadows. I think the birds like the light too. They know it is spring though a rather cold one 🙂 Thanks for your comment.
      All the best,

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