11 thoughts on “Weather Change

  1. It’s spring here, but I’m still waiting for green & color! The pics you take of spring are gorgeous … in all of your posts!

    • Dear Resa. Suddenly it feels like summer is here after so much coldness. 3 Days have gone now and the green is everywhere.
      Resa, didn’t you go to Fort William once?? The place there are on fire?

    • I know what you mean!!Yesterday I was happy with my lame-lined mittens, even though I only brought them with me for the sake of fantasy 🙂

  2. We’re having the same stuff here in Italy. Winter was warm and balmy. Spring is cold and wintry. Crazy stuff, but I’m just hoping the summer won’t be too hot! Beautiful picture. Looks like a lovely spot for meditating!

    • Thank you, Sheila! The weather gives many challenges with snow all over Europe therefore I’m not surprised!! I do understand why you are concerned about heat in the summer too. Large variations to the extreme, you might say.
      The picture shows a lovely place which is a part of a deer park. There are areas in that park that holds a magic tranquillity.

  3. Yes the seasons are turning around. A lovely picture; I like the little splashes of white on the distant chimneys.

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