Pollen with legs and wings

Drifting clouds cast shadows on fields; lakes; trees and the path in front of me. Nature becomes alive and everything changes. This is enchanting. I hear fledglings everywhere, fragrant Mirabelle spread their delicate fragrance for the capture of… Read More

Happy Springtime

The weather changes between sun and showers on my walk. The wind is icy and a powerful burst containing hail almost makes me lose my breath. Then suddenly around a corner, I’m sheltered and the sun breaks through… Read More

Cycling Without Age in Denmark

Jeg havde hørt om projektet i medierne; inviter de gamle mennesker med ud i en Rickshaw. Men pludselig dukker en hel kortege op på Brede Alle i Kongens Lyngby, Ole Kassow er naturligvis i spidsen. Ole er også… Read More