Dreams and the Outdoor

Have you seen the video: Into The Canadian Rockies
Such films have a positive influence on me. I need to get out in nature. I get the urge to wander through landscapes. Do I have that kind of landscape in Denmark? Absolutely not but the inspiration keeps me dreaming and that is the most important thing of it all. For without dreams we are not moving at all. We have to be able to imagine new opportunities, otherwise we are not trying to achieve them.

I went for a walk in Ravnholm Forest, or the Danish Switzerland, that is the nickname for the forest. It’s a wonderful forest with hills and slopes.
In a small clearing among pine trees a smoke rose from a campfire. The children sat in a circle and ate fruit and had a good time.
I think that the children will acquire an invaluable approach to nature that makes them capable to move and protect nature in the right way in the future.

Happy Hiking ❤

Ravnholm Skov

Ravnholm Skov

Ravnholm Skov

Har du set videoen:  Into The Canadian Rockies
Sådanne film har en positiv indflydelse på mig. Jeg har brug for at komme ud i naturen. Jeg får lyst til at vandre gennem landskaber.

Har jeg den slags landskab i Danmark? Absolut ikke, men inspirationen holder mine drømme i live, og det er det vigtigste af det hele, for uden drømme bevæger vi os ikke.

Vi er nødt til at forestille os nye muligheder, ellers forsøger vi ikke at nå dem.

Jeg gik en tur i Ravnholm Skov, eller Det Danske Schweiz, som er kælenavnet for skoven. Det er en vidunderlig skov med bakker og skråninger, hvilket er årsagen til kælenavnet.

I en lille lysning mellem fyrretræer steg røgen op fra et lejrbål. Børnene sad i en cirkel og spiste frugt. De havde en god tid mellem voksne, som er dedikerede naturfolk.
Jeg tror, at børnene vil få en uvurderlig tilgang til naturen, der gør dem i stand til at bevæge sig og beskytte naturen på den rigtige måde i fremtiden.

Rigtig god tur derude ❤

20 thoughts on “Dreams and the Outdoor

    • Tak for det, Kjersti. Det er altid godt at se børn have gode oplevelser i naturen. Traditioner er vigtige for sundhed og natur 🙂
      Kærlig hilsen,

  1. You are so right! And without dreams, we are not really “alive” anymore. Just like you propose – go out in our wonderful outdoors and teach the children careful love of it all. We have always hiked, the whole family, and my children (25 and 23) only find real rest and comfort in nature – their lives are full of “musts” just like ours. When they are used to this from early childhood, they are not that likely to need shrinks…they mend themselves.
    And, this is also the great hope for nature itself – people understanding that without it – we cannot live.

    • Thanks for that comment, Leya. I agree! I find it important at the same time to maintain large natural areas. In Denmark, there is much talk about outskirts. I think it’s obvious to conserve nature in those areas.
      Sweden established a therapy garden in Alnarp outside Malmö in order to avoid shrinks 🙂 🙂 And now we have a garden north of Copenhagen in Hørsholm: Nacadia
      Much can be said about this subject 🙂
      All the best,

  2. Lovely photos Hanna – I like the textures you use, they make them so bright! I have always wanted to hike in the Rockies – I am Canadian myself but have never been there – maybe one day 🙂

    • Hi James. I’m glad you like the pictures. When rain fog and gray days set in that is a lovely effect to use…even make myself happier 😀
      I really hope you will get the opportunity to hike in those beautiful mountains. I can recommend you read Resas comments from her tour in the area.
      Happy weekend to you, James,

  3. Children love doing activities such as those, and they will remember them for the rest of their lives. I have happy childhood memories of life in the outdoors, camping with freinds and family, and sitting around campfires. That’s what childhood is about.
    Cheers, Alen

    • I agree, Alen. Children benefit greatly from the move in nature. Especially if it’s in the company of nature-loving adults.
      When children move in nature their motor skills develop miraculously and so do their learning ability. That is brilliant ❤
      Well! I am also a little bit biased 😀
      All the best, and a happy weekend to you,

  4. Hanna, you said it perfectly when you wrote: “For without dreams we are not moving at all. We have to be able to imagine new opportunities, otherwise we are not trying to achieve them.” We all need dreams! Beautiful images and inspiring words again. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane. It sounds like I have been reading too many self-help books 😀 (Danish self-irony)
      But many so-called phrases are valuable put in the proper context 🙂 🙂

  5. Me encantan estos “sueños”. Ya te lo he comentado en otra ocasión, pero no me importa repetirlo : el efecto de pintura que consigues es extraordinario y me gusta mucho.

    • Querida Magnoliae. Gracias por mencionar el efecto una vez más. El efecto es muy útil cuando el tiempo es malo o Quiero resaltar elementos.
      Feliz fin de semana ❤

  6. I have not seen this video.
    However, I did live in B.C. for 8 years and I took many, many trips into various parts of the Canadian Rockies. I will never forget the fabulous feeling of the adventures. The beauty… magnificence of these young mountains are foreverprinted in my mind.
    Perhaps my dearsest image is of the wild horses in a place called 100 Mile House.

    • You have given me the travel bug, Resa, though I haven’t the time or ticket available 😀
      But I forgive you with your wonderful description of adventures ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you so much for your nice words. I’ve just seen the trailer: What Dreams May Come ❤ I saw part of the film several years ago and I like the idea of the imagination world!!
      All the best,

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