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Best Hike uploaded this video: Skyline Trail Alberta, Canada made by Colin Krieg.

Watch and enjoy 🙂

You can read more about the Skyline Trail on  by Rick Mc.

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    • Resa! Canada is one of my most wanted on the list. I’ll bear in mind the 100 Mile House – a 5 hours drive from Vancouver 🙂
      And while I’m there I can visit the Kodiak Island in Alaska as well. Recently heard some awesome rumours from a Danish girl who had been out there camping on her own!

      • During the 8 years I lived in Vancouver I visited 100 Mile House several times. Part of the road was along the glorious Fraser River. I can still see the pristine rugged beauty in my minds eye.
        Banff & Jasper are stunningly beautiful, and I managed several visits to both. Of course they are both tourist destinations.
        Salmon Arm remains strong in my memory.
        I went to the Kootenays several times, & all the the Okanagan towns many, many times.
        The islands off the coast are another glorious feast treat. Many places with many stories there, including Sammy… the spawning salmon I bonded with and the eagle who snatched her from the steps of the river!
        The eagle left me a feather. I wore that feather in my hair until it was nothing more than a spine.
        Then I moved to Toronto. Well, I love it here, too! ❤ ❤ ❤
        (You know …. I spent a year in the Andes)

      • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Resa. I have sensed your love for the the sky rulers, the eagles ❤ ❤ ❤
        Alas! Also you have lost your heart to nature, a key to a kingdom ❤
        The great thing about large nature is that we carry it with us in our hearts.
        100 Mile House, Fraser River, Banff & Jasper, Salmon Arm, Kootenays, are like pearls and diamonds when you mention them and I will keep the names, so I know what to visit, when I travel to Canada.
        Happy thoughts,

    • Gracias por tu comentario preciosa, Leo usted. Videos como éste funciona muy inspirador para mi anhelo por la vida al aire libre
      Tiene un día feliz de que también 🙂

    • I enjoyed the video so much. The hike, the tent site, BIG NATURE 🙂 and the music… I went out in a Danish forest, after I had seen the video 🙂
      Thanks a lot!

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