Dear Silly Spring

We sat on a fallen tree, enjoying the warmth from the spring sun. Finally, warmer weather!
It was a wonderful day of good wind and scudding clouds.
But I noticed, small bits of cotton wool dancing in the wind, shining in the sun. Seed heads I thought, until one of the objects melted in my hand, it was snowflakes, April! 🙂

Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!
Wallace Stevens

32 thoughts on “Dear Silly Spring

  1. Lovely photo’s and text. Wish I was there. It’s winter down here in New Zealand and quite cold. Have a lovely day.

    • Thanks for that, Roger. I was looking trough my pictures from early spring and the light are magnificent in these days.
      Before you know that love spring is affront of you 🙂
      Wish you a lovely weekend!!

  2. Many wonderful shots here today, Hana. I especially love the 2 ducks at the bottom of this post, Best wishes to you! ♡

    • Thanks Alen. It is a teepee. The Danish Nature Agency has set up a campsite for free use, but it must be booked in advance. The place is second to none!!
      It is also the Danish Nature Agency who has trained the ducks 🙂

  3. Este año parece que la primavera se resiste a llegar 😉 Aquí, en España, estamos pasando unos días con temperaturas más propias de invierno que las que corresponden a las fechas que estamos. Pero, tranquila, que llegará y nos traerá muchas flores. Un abrazo, amiga ❤

    • Querida Magnoliae. Esperaremos pacientemente el calor y las flores 🙂 Hoy el sol llegó a Dinamarca. Dentro de unos días vendrán las flores.
      Gran abrazo,

    • Hi Montucky. It seems to be snowing all over the world 🙂 :
      No! Seriously, we are in for a very cold spring in Denmark.
      Thanks a lot for your compliment!!

  4. April’s weather is so changeable. One day summer heat, the other one is snowing. Beautiful pictures. I have not seen so many swans at the same time. 🙂 Is it a goahti on the third photo?

    • It was very unique with the many swans. Nor have I seen so many together before. The lake is a little hidden in the forest, and there are not many people there.
      You are right about the tent. It is a tent that the forest workers have put up for free use.
      Thanks a lot, John 🙂

  5. Beautiful captures, Hanna. ❤ We have had some cooling weather surprises in Norfolk as well, but so far the garden looks ok.
    And now, luckily, the weather forecast looks more promising. 🙂
    Ha en god helg!
    Hugs, Hanne x

    • It seems that spring has been a bit cold all over Europe, Hanne.
      I look forward for tomorrow sun is visiting Denmark too 🙂
      Rigtig dejlig solskinweekend til jer i Norfolk ❤
      Kærlig hilsen,

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