The sky isn’t always blue in Denmark

A few rays of sunshine, but it wasn’t comparable to September last year.
Esrum Lake is Denmark’s second largest lake.
The lake is shaped like a large bathtub with deep slopes not far from the width and a large relatively flat bottom. It is formed during the last ice age, probably because a large ice block has been left on site.

September last year

Esrum Sø
Kanoudlejning på Esrum Sø

16 thoughts on “The sky isn’t always blue in Denmark

    • Thank you, Alen. I hope the weather is getting better, so you can enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Tonight, large amounts of rain have fallen and many spring flowers are broken. Fortunately, there are still many buds ready to beautify the world 🙂
      Hope your vegetables are still thriving?

    • Dear Holly. You are more than welcome!
      I wish you were there to taste the berries in autumn and enjoy the sweet summertime with a glittering lake 🙂

    • Querida Isabel. Es con caminos, como con la vida: cuanto más colinas y vueltas, más aventuras ❤ 🙂
      Feliz fin de semana,

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