The Haze in Autumn

Withered woods, dried up rivers.
People talk about summer in October.
About confused bird nesting.
Chestnut trees and rhododendrons are in bloom.
Today I heard this advice in the radio:
Enjoy the weather and don’t think.

Søllerød Naturpark

22 Comments on “The Haze in Autumn

  1. “Enjoy the weather and don’t think.” Best advice I’ve heard all week! And about the loveliest photos I’ve seen all week too, Hanna. xx

    • Thanks for that comment, Tanja ❤
      I move a lot in nature and it is impossible not to see what the drought does to the trees.
      The trees are our lungs and without oxygen to the brain – a backward reasoning! 🙂

  2. We were having the same summer in October, but something more strange than summer in October happened. It is winter. From summer to winter, and in the spring, 1 week and it’s winter to summer.
    It seems like our 4 seasons are becoming 2 seasons. Best to you, Hanna!

    • It’s really interesting to know, Resa. I’ve heard that Canada is adopting trees from California to teach the Canadian trees how to deal with drought. Nothing is like in the old days 🙂 🙂
      The best to you too, Resa

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