Øresund Bridge

It’s not advisable to walk on Øresund Bridge, and certainly not allowed, but with a car-free day it would give me a dizzying experience of happiness.
Enjoy the interesting facts on Wikipedia: Øresund Bridge, the bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

15 thoughts on “Øresund Bridge

  1. Oh, I do hope you’ll get to cross it on foot someday! Maybe petition the government to see if they would close it to cars on Earth Day next year? 😀

  2. Found it very interesting on your Wikipedia link regarding Danes who buy homes in Sweden to take advantage of lower housing prices in Malmö and commuting to work in Denmark.

    • Good to hear from you, Carl. People act in different ways for many different reasons. When the bridge was finished, the housing market was rising around Copenhagen. That made some Danes look across the Strait for a house on the other side, 45 minutes from Copenhagen.
      I cannot blame them. Beautiful scenery, lovely people and a healthy approach to life.
      Skåne has once been a part of Denmark: Approx. 970 – 1660.

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