Weather Entertainment

In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.
~ Mark Twain

The sun is shining and everything is good.
Till you step into the shadows, gasp! 😊

17 thoughts on “Weather Entertainment

  1. Certainly in the UK and in particular Scotland there can be so many weather changes in a day. I was told before walking up a Scottish mountain to beware of the weather. Mist falls fast and rain!

    • I have walked in the mountains in Norway in bad weather, and that requires a good knowledge of how to move in a safe way.
      There’s no way around it, be prepared for the worst when you’re walking in the mountains.
      We started in sunshine and within an hour it was snowing 😊😊

  2. True! On my daily walks these weeks – the sun, yes!, nice and warm, however around the corner a chilly wind from the arctic and/or Siberia is hitting me, gotta close my jacket… But then, we are northen people, we are not made of sugar. 🙂

    • Haha, it’s a good thing we’re not made of sugar. Is it a Dutch idiom, Peter? 🙂
      Yesterday I met people wearing coats and hats.
      Today I was wearing a scarf to be on the safe side.
      It is ok as long as the backpack is big enough for all the clothes you take off during the day 😀😀

      • I guess it is Dutch idiom Hanna. ‘Cold isn’t it!’. ‘Yeah sure, but hey, we are not made of sugar’. And then we shrug our shoulders and look kind of smug. 🙂 But today we had really nice weather, not warm, not cold, although, like you, I did take a bag for storing my jacket when needed, but it was not needed. 🙂

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