Where to eat a Packed Lunch

We had a great walk in the river valley, Klevad Mose.
The bog always offers a wonderful natural experience.
There is a nice rest house at Klevad Enge. Here we ate our packed lunch and enjoyed the view across the meadows to blossoming bird cherry trees.
It’s a lovely experience ❤️

Happy walk and remember your packed lunch ❤️

21 thoughts on “Where to eat a Packed Lunch

  1. Looks like wonderful countryside.
    We have plenty of bogs near here but all stripped of trees many, many years ago and kept that way by grazing sheep.

    • Thank you!! I never get tired of that area. It is largely the same with the bog in Farum. It is part of an ice age landscape that stretches all the way out to Oresund. The gate to Sweden.
      In 2009, the bog was re-established by clearing trees at the bottom of the river valley and introducing Highland Cattle to graze the area.

    • Can trees be cloned? If possible, the cherry tree should grow everywhere on earth and please people on May 1. ❤️🥰

    • The scent is exceptional. So many trees are currently in bloom. And as you say, the cherry blossoms are overwhelmingly beautiful when they unfold.
      A lovely time ❤️
      Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

    • Thank you, Klaus! The bog is just a small part of a wonderful Ice Age landscape.
      Always worth revisiting ❤️
      Happy weekend to all of you,

    • It was a nice fresh packed lunch, no brown bananas 😃😃
      Thank you, Peter!!
      Wishing you a lovely weekend 🎈😊

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