Keep it wild and get lost

I thought I knew the forest and I wasn’t impressed.
A country road divides the forest into two parts, destroying my illusion of a true nature experience. Only because I got lost, I discovered new areas, and that gave me a completely different experience of what to expect.
I found paths that winds among birch trees and tall pines, over hills and down through ravines and around lakes with a rare bird life. Approximately 25 swans lived in the lake on this day in mid-May. A wonderful sight!
One can walk in a relatively small area, and still find new paths while having a marvellous time exploring.
Go out there and get lost 🙂 Happy walking!!

15 Comments on “Keep it wild and get lost

    • Being lost in general is anxiety-provoking. Getting lost in the forest is wonderfully challenging as long as you find your way home 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your imput, Holly ❤

  1. It’s exciting and fun to explore. I’m getting lost all the time, my local feel is so bad! : D

    • Hi John. All you need to know is the four corners of the world ;grin:
      No seriously I bring a compass in case the sun has a day off.
      The thing with a compass also applies to large cities if you walk from point A to B 🙂
      PS I’ve heard of Google Map too 🙂

      • I can get lost when I drive home! 😀 I use Google map when I drive, have not thought about to use it when I walk. 🙂

      • That one made me smile, John. But it depends where you have been 🙂 It is good thing to choose different ways. You pay more attention to your surroundings and that’s always an advantage 🙂

  2. How beautiful and exciting! We are similar, you and I. You explore the countryside, and you find new and unexpected joys. I explore the cityside, and I find new, unexpected joys. 😀 ❤

Have you experienced anything like this? Your comment or your story is very much appreciated!

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