Keep it wild and get lost

I thought I knew the forest and I wasn’t impressed.
A country road divides the forest into two parts, destroying my illusion of a true nature experience. Only because I got lost, I discovered new areas, and that gave me a completely different experience of what to expect.
I found paths that winds among birch trees and tall pines, over hills and down through ravines and around lakes with a rare bird life. Approximately 25 swans lived in the lake on this day in mid-May. A wonderful sight!
One can walk in a relatively small area, and still find new paths while having a marvellous time exploring.
Go out there and get lost 🙂 Happy walking!!

15 thoughts on “Keep it wild and get lost

  1. How beautiful and exciting! We are similar, you and I. You explore the countryside, and you find new and unexpected joys. I explore the cityside, and I find new, unexpected joys. 😀 ❤

    • Hi John. All you need to know is the four corners of the world ;grin:
      No seriously I bring a compass in case the sun has a day off.
      The thing with a compass also applies to large cities if you walk from point A to B 🙂
      PS I’ve heard of Google Map too 🙂

      • I can get lost when I drive home! 😀 I use Google map when I drive, have not thought about to use it when I walk. 🙂

      • That one made me smile, John. But it depends where you have been 🙂 It is good thing to choose different ways. You pay more attention to your surroundings and that’s always an advantage 🙂

    • Being lost in general is anxiety-provoking. Getting lost in the forest is wonderfully challenging as long as you find your way home 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your imput, Holly ❤

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