Midsummer Night Without a Bonfire

Denmark celebrates Midsummer Night every year on 23rd of June. People gather around bonfires to sing and celebrate Midsummer. Though something was different this year. The drought conditions lead to a burn ban and the conditions haven’t change,… Read More

Vikings, Cathedral, Sources and Authentic Environment in Roskilde

I enjoy the authenticity and atmosphere in Roskilde. The town where Roskilde Cathedral dominates the skyline surrounded by blurred fjords and rolling fields. It’s always a pleasure to take a walk from the cathedral down to the Viking… Read More

Spændende Vandreture på Sjælland

Silje skriver til mig: “Jeg er nyflyttet til København fra Norge og nå trenger jeg til litt natur 🙂 Kan du tipse meg om en vandretur, en rute på to dagsturer med en overnatting i hytte? Jeg bor… Read More