The Poetic Fjords

Gentle, peacefully, picturesque and lovely. That is the Danish Fjords. A breathtaking look will dazzle you when your eyes catch sight of small houses along the coastline and toy-like ferries that serve the islands with goods, mail and travellers.

Midsummer Night Without a Bonfire

Denmark celebrates Midsummer Night every year on 23rd of June.
People gather around bonfires to sing and celebrate Midsummer.
Though something was different this year.
The drought conditions lead to a burn ban and the conditions haven’t change, on the contrary.
There are no signs of rain for the time being.

But that day on 23rd of June we went to Roskilde to celebrate Midsummer and it was a thrill to see the Sea Stallion from Glendalough in its right element, the fjord. You can read about the full arrangement for the ship at the Viking Ship Museum site.

We visited the old part of the town and had a great walk at Sct. Jørgensbjerg. The locals calls it The Mountain.
The view is magnificent!

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A Viking ship is launched tomorrow

Now spring is here!
The Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the 30 meter long warship, is launched tomorrow, April 14th.
Can you imaging the viking sails appear in the horizon?
What an impressive sight that must have been.

Boat members will start the launch at 10 am
The Sea Stallion From Glendalough, approx. 13 pm
The newly built Teinæring is named and launched at 14 pm

The Viking Ship Museum

Launching The Sea Stallion from Glendalough 2017

I will never grow tired of the elegant lines, the beautiful colours, and the history behind Skuldelev 2 and The Sea Stallion from Glendalough.
This day was a bitterly cold day; April 8th 2017 when the crew launched the ship in Roskilde once again.
Spring has arrived despite the cold weather.



Munkholmen, a market place for Vikings

Munkholmen was an important market place in the Viking Age.
I always imagine a spectacular sight of Viking ships sweeping across the fjord while those on the shore eagerly are awaiting the latest news.

The ships are photos from previous years of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, and a ship from the Maritime Experimental Centre, Lyndby, Kr. Hyllinge.
Munkholmen is 55 km from Copenhagen a run passing Roskilde where you can find the Viking Ship Museum.

Vikings, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough and Roskilde Cathedral

I will show you some of my favourite places in Denmark, that is, those close to Copenhagen.

The first place of them all is The Viking Ship Museum and Roskilde Domkirke.
A walk from the main street in Roskilde past the cathedral and through the parks down to the harbour, is a very nice walk.

The Viking Age in Roskilde was quite dramatic and colourful.

The history carries unique testimony of that time. Among other things, marine archaeologists found the original warship, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough in the channel to Roskilde, lowered along with 4 other Viking ships, presumably to prevent an enemy attack from the outside.

The original ships are exhibited at the museum. The Sea Stallion is reconstructed and is sailing during summers with 60 – 62 members of the crew at a time.

The Sea Stallion was built in Ireland by trees felled in the beautiful forest in Glendalough, hence the name of the ship.

Take a look at these brilliant films on:

A walk from the harbour towards the Cathedral

A walk from the Cathedral towards the harbour.

Repairing of the reconstruction of the warship, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough in the spring 2014.


Havhingsten – The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

Havhingsten er et kunstværk, intet mindre. Jeg ville gerne have været tilstede, da det originale skib blev bygget af træ høstet i Glendalough i Wicklow, i Irland.

“Glendalough er en dal i Wicklow Mountains i Irland. Dalen ligger omkring 60 km syd for Dublin i Wicklow Nationalpark i County Wicklow.

Glendalough er et gammelt kristent pilgrimsted, med en historie, der daterer sig mere end 1500 år tilbage. Dalen omfatter to smukt beliggende søer – den øvre og den nedre sø – og rummer derudover et gammelt klosterkompleks med kirker og andre bemærkelsesværdige bygninger. De mest bemærkelsesværdige bygninger er det specielle og mere end 1000 år gamle 33 meter høje runde tårn, samt den endnu ældre kirke Kevins Kitchen (opkaldt efter den kristne prædikant og helgen Sankt Kevin, som grundlagde kirken under sit ophold i dalen i slutningen af 500-tallet). Begge disse bygninger samt klosterkomplekset daterer sig tilbage til før vikingernes ankomst til Irland. Dalen er en stor turistattraktion i Irland med et stort informativt besøgscenter, ligesom der er mange vandremuligheder i omegnen.

Vikingeskibet Skuldelev 2, der ligger på Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde er oprindeligt bygget i Irland af tømmer fra Glendalough, og det er også årsagen til at den rekonstruerede version af Skuldelev 2 hedder Havhingsten fra Glendalough.” Wikipedia


Viking Ship Museum

The Torquay leg – “High seas, cold temperatures and sea sickness”

Welcome to the Viking Ship Museum