A Walk and a Sailing Myth

The small ferry sailing around Frederiksborg Castle resembles undeniably a little boat from Legoland.

However, many people are having a joyous day on the lake with a different view to the castle

Recently I heard on the radio that the little boat is a rebuilt lifeboat from one of the most famous vessels in Danish history:

The ship Jutlandia, a floating hospital, that went on three expeditions from 1951 to 1953 during the Korean War.

That changed completely my perspective on the small ferry, until yesterday, when I did some research.

The shipping company tells the story on their website. The ferry has sailed the lake since 1952, and the story about the lifeboat is so popular that it has almost turned into a truth. Some myths are worth saving 🙂


You can take a wonderful walk around the lake and through the Baroque garden or you can continue towards Gribskov and wilderness.

Click the link to see my beautiful walk towards the mountain in the forest:

Walking from a castle to a mountain on an icy day.

Munkholmen, a market place for Vikings

Munkholmen was an important market place in the Viking Age.
I always imagine a spectacular sight of Viking ships sweeping across the fjord while those on the shore eagerly are awaiting the latest news.

The ships are photos from previous years of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, and a ship from the Maritime Experimental Centre, Lyndby, Kr. Hyllinge.
Munkholmen is 55 km from Copenhagen a run passing Roskilde where you can find the Viking Ship Museum.

Truly unique nature in Denmark

It was my intention to write about PetersvĂŚrft, a shipyard situated next to Ulvsund.
The place was chosen for naval base and shipyard to reconstruct the Danish Fleet after the British stole it back in 1807.
PetersvĂŚrft built gunboats and the explosives were stored in Magleby Church. An excellent dry place for gunpowder.
But there are other experiences which make equal impression on me. The enterprising behaviour and enthusiasm that prevails on Møn.
You can find a decent amount of links at the bottom of the post. Amazing bike paths and beautiful walks are established and some are connected with three veteran ferries, of which the ferry Møn is one of them.
The enterprising locals, however, has a major advantage, which is very difficult to overlook: The historic Nature on Møn.

We’re meeting up with some friends on the Ferry Møn. The ship began operating between Kalvehave and Koster in the 1923.
Today approximately 20 volunteers are working to maintain the ferry all winter. During summer 15 “Summer Men” are involved with sailing the ship.
We had a superb boat trip for 3 hours. After a nice walk in historic surroundings we returned to the cozy farmhouse for bonfire food and fun.


Links if you got curious:
Expeditions in the wild
175 km Camøno as Camino – The Kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail
FĂŚrgen Møn Summer Sailing
Peters VĂŚrft
Program for fÌrgen Møn
FÌrgen Møns historie

You can get your bike transported by ferry or the mail boat, Røret between four ports in the summer. The habours are: Stege Havn, Kalvehave Havn, Bogø Havn and Nyord Havn, where there is bike break room and suggestions for local hiking and cycling routes. See the timetables in the bike break rooms.

The sailing cycling trails + Map as PDF

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough søsĂŚttes lørdag den 11.04.2015.

BĂĽdelauget søsĂŚtter Havhingsten lørdag den 11.04.2015 mellem kl. 11.00 – kl.13.00 fra museumshalvøen ved Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde.

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough. Vikingeskibsmuseet i baggrunden

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough.
Vikingeskibsmuseet i baggrunden

Da Havhingsten, ‘The Sea Stallion from Glendalough’ skulle afsejle mod Dublin holdt Skipper en tale med stĂŚrke referencer til Hobbitten, som han var ved at lĂŚse for sine børn.

Han havde det som Bilbo, der allerhelst vil blive i sin hule og hygge sig. Men en dag kom en troldkvinde med hvidt hür, eller formuleret med andre ord, museumsdirektøren Tinna Damgürd-Sørensen.

Pludselig havde han muligheden for at fü en drøm opfyldt, men var det nu ogsü det han ville?

Heldigvis lod Skipper sig overtale og viste os allesammen, hvilket stof ‘The Sea Stallion from Glendalough* er gjort af.

Det var med spÌnding, jeg fulgte skibets rejse fra Dublin. Den rejse som Skuldelev 2, det originale skib müske har sejlet pü den sidste rejse til Danmark.

Vikingerne sÌnkede skibet ud for Skuldelev, sü det store krigsskib udgjorde en blokering i sejlrenden og besvÌrliggjorde angreb mod Roskilde.

Jeg var oppe ved Skuldelev sidste sommer, og mĂŚrke historiens vingesus.

Havhingsten skal pü sommertogt i ür. Der er ikke planlagt nogle anløbssteder endnu.

Sidste gang jeg overvÌrede en søsÌtning var i maj 2011.


Havhingsten fra Glendalough er pĂĽ Facebook

Sejl med Havhingsten

Filmklip med Havhingsten

Øvrige byggeprojekter med rekonstuktioner af vikingeskibe