Truly unique nature in Denmark

It was my intention to write about Petersværft, a shipyard situated next to Ulvsund.
The place was chosen for naval base and shipyard to reconstruct the Danish Fleet after the British stole it back in 1807.
Petersværft built gunboats and the explosives were stored in Magleby Church. An excellent dry place for gunpowder.
But there are other experiences which make equal impression on me. The enterprising behaviour and enthusiasm that prevails on Møn.
You can find a decent amount of links at the bottom of the post. Amazing bike paths and beautiful walks are established and some are connected with three veteran ferries, of which the ferry Møn is one of them.
The enterprising locals, however, has a major advantage, which is very difficult to overlook: The historic Nature on Møn.

We’re meeting up with some friends on the Ferry Møn. The ship began operating between Kalvehave and Koster in the 1923.
Today approximately 20 volunteers are working to maintain the ferry all winter. During summer 15 “Summer Men” are involved with sailing the ship.
We had a superb boat trip for 3 hours. After a nice walk in historic surroundings we returned to the cozy farmhouse for bonfire food and fun.


Links if you got curious:
Expeditions in the wild
175 km Camøno as Camino – The Kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail
Færgen Møn Summer Sailing
Peters Værft
Program for færgen Møn
Færgen Møns historie

You can get your bike transported by ferry or the mail boat, Røret between four ports in the summer. The habours are: Stege Havn, Kalvehave Havn, Bogø Havn and Nyord Havn, where there is bike break room and suggestions for local hiking and cycling routes. See the timetables in the bike break rooms.

The sailing cycling trails + Map as PDF

15 Comments on “Truly unique nature in Denmark

  1. Espléndido reportaje Hanna. Me encanta el lugar y las fotografías. Me quedo con la primera y la útima! 😉

  2. I was about to apologise (yet again) for what the British did in 1807, but having read your latest post it crosses my mind they were only levelling the score for what Knut (Cnut, Canute) did all those years earlier. Nice picture, though.

    • Hi Alen. The wars in Europe leaves nothing to the imagination. I find the English ravages in Denmark interesting because I often walk and bike in the areas that were invaded and bombed.
      The wars in Europe leaves nothing to the imagination. I find the English ravages in Denmark interesting because I often walk and bike in the areas that were invaded and bombed.
      A curiosity is Englænderegen/The English Oak and the story about the tree and a treasure and Dronning Victoria. The Iron Duke og en nedgravet skat.
      All the best,

  3. Wow, three hours on a ferry, but it is worth it! I don’t fare well on boats. Beautiful photos! 😀

    • The only thing wrong with that boat trip was no bathing allowed 🙂 🙂 That could be fun 🙂
      Thank you, Resa!!!

    • Great start on your blog. It’s very interesting to see those magnificent views you have from the mountains. I only know Hong Kong by descriptions from novels.
      Happy hikes despite hot weather and much humidity,

    • Mange tak, Drake!! Én af mine medbloggere, en nordmand, holdt bryllupsrejse på Møn. De fandt et uautoriseret at overnatte ude på klinten, det blev en fantastisk nat. Jeg skal måske tilføje at han er biolog 🙂
      Møn fortsætter med at overraske mig positivt.

  4. Great post. Brilliant last picture. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

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