Munkholmen, a market place for Vikings

Munkholmen was an important market place in the Viking Age.
I always imagine a spectacular sight of Viking ships sweeping across the fjord while those on the shore eagerly are awaiting the latest news.

The ships are photos from previous years of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, and a ship from the Maritime Experimental Centre, Lyndby, Kr. Hyllinge.
Munkholmen is 55 km from Copenhagen a run passing Roskilde where you can find the Viking Ship Museum.

18 thoughts on “Munkholmen, a market place for Vikings

  1. The Vikings were the first explorers ever to reach Canada. We have the archeological evidence. 😀 That makes me happy.
    They say our aboriginal forefathers, walked across what is now the Bering Sea.

    • Hi Resa. That’s very interesting and a huge study 🙂 I found this link but you are probably already familiar with it’s existence. Maybe you have other links to share?
      Thanks a lot for comment ❤ 🙂 X

  2. I’ve been in the museum in Roskilde and like everyone I admired the braveness of the men sailing the oceans, as far as Vinland. There is a romantic heroism in these tales, as depicted in the Dutch comics by Hans C. Kresse, called Erik the Noorman. At the same time we Dutch children were taught at school about the destructiveness of the viking raids. They sailed up the river Rhine and demolished Dorestad, as we were told. In fact, Wikipedia learns us, the city was handed over to the Danish brothers Rorik and Harald, in 840, although probably not entirely voluntary. Being a seafaring nation ourselves, the Dutch were thinking about the vikings with a mixture of envy, admiration, fear and disgust. Until we picked up the habit of exploring, colonisation and piratry ourselves 🙂

    • Many thanks for your story, Peter. I enjoyed it very much!!! The history about the Viking Age, really is THE story without end 🙂
      I had good fun watching The Dutch comics by Hans C. Kresse. Here is an example: Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times – Hands on
      My old blogger friend, Alen McFadzean wrote a post about the vikings when he was living in Northern England:
      Stamford Bridge
      It would be really interesting to visit Northern England due to the history and the beauty of castles and landscapes.
      Once again thanks for a lovely comment,

      • Thank you very much for the links Hanna! I watched the 10 year old night-to-be and I’m going te read the post on Stamford Bridge. I’ve been in York and other parts of northen England and it’s indeed beautiful there and very worthwhile a visit.

  3. What a beautiful and fascinating post! Whenever I hear the word “Viking,” first I think of the courage these men had to brave the angry seas — and then I inevitably think of the courage their women had as well in sending them off, never knowing if they’d return. Your lovely images of this idyllic place make me consider the story in a new light, though. Thank you for sharing this, Hanna!

    • Thank you for your comment, Heide. I’ve seen films from the Sea Stallion’s voyage from Ireland and around England’s End and home to Denmark. The sea washed over the crew and the ship rolled and groaned.
      The crew told afterwards that it was like watching a snake because that was how the ship behaved at the sea’s ruthless exposure.
      I trust you aren’t seasick? 🙂
      All the best,

      • The film of the Sea Stallion’s voyage home sounds magnificent! I’ll see if I can look that up and watch it (even if I do risk a bit of sea-sickness in the process 🙂 ). Thank you for making my world bigger today! xx

    • Eso me hace feliz, Isabel. Haré todo lo posible para ampliar el área que ya está familiarizado en los próximos meses.
      Un abrazo,

  4. Beautiful pictures 🙂 We who live in Scandinavia have got a great history. We are just bad at telling about it.

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