Lighthearted Birds

On my walk towards the sea today, I heard the skylark and the lapwing. The larks song was persistent, and suddenly it flew quite close to me. I think the bird was frolicsome 🙂
All the birds were busy. Buzzards gathered, and rose on thermals while their screams mingled with ravens and crows.
On my way home I even heard the yellow hammer.

March! March! March! They are coming
In troops to the tune of the wind.
Redheaded woodpeckers drumming,
Gold – crested thrushes behind;
Sparrows in brown jackets, hopping
Past every gateway and door;
Finches, with crimson caps, stopping
Just where they stopped before.
March! March! March! They are slipping
Into their places at last. . .
Literature white lily buds, dripping
Under the showers that fall fast;
Buttercups, violets, roses;
Snowdrop and bluebell and pink,
Throng upon throng of sweet posies
Bending the dewdrops to drink.
March! March! March! They will hurry
Forth at the wild bugle sound,
Blossoms and birds in a flurry,
Fluttering all over the ground.
Shake out your flags, birch and willow!
Shake out your red tassels, larch!
Grass blades, up from your earth – pillow.
Hear who is calling you. . . March.

Lucy Larcom, March

14 thoughts on “Lighthearted Birds

  1. What a beautiful walk you have! I am envious that you live in such a beautiful place. Keep taking photos and sharing it with the rest of us, please! 🙂

    • Hi Alison and Matt. Thanks for such an endearing comment!!! 🙂
      March in Denmark is an awesome month in the outdoors. There is still an open look through the trees, birds and animals are very active and the light is never better 🙂
      Happy exploring to you,

  2. Hi Hanna, I really love the last two photos a lot. They have so much spring atmosphere, wonderful. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Thank you, Mitza. It’s evening now, and my day has been fantastic. I have been back in my old Viking neighborhood, a fjord area so beautiful !!!
      Have a very nice weekend and evening ❤

  3. “All the birds were busy”… It’s the most agitated time for birds, they have to build their nests, they have to find a mate, and they have to sing, sing, sing …
    Tanks, Hanna, for your nice post.
    All the best.

    • It’s a wonderful experience to listen to so many different birds. The days are turning brighter and the sun is doing it’s best. I know my birds are missing in the photos but I need another camera for that.
      Have a nice weekend, Isabel ❤

  4. Very beautiful pictures! Is it a castle on one of the pictures? I know the Danish was very good at bulding castles, here in Skåne we have many castle, build by Danish, in that time Skåne belonged to Denmark.

    • Hi John. The castle, Eremitageslottet was built as a Hunting Lodge for hosting royal banquets during hunts in Dyrehaven, which surrounds the building. It originally featured a hoisting apparatus able to hoist the table from the basement to the dining room, allowing the King and his guests to dine without any waiters present, or “en ermitage” (in solitude), hence the name of the castle.[1] The apparatus was removed in the late 18th century as it was causing endless mechanical problems,[2] and no signs of it remain.[3] The previous castle on the site, the Hubertus chalet, had a similar apparatus and was nicknamed Heremitagen for the same reason.
      The uttermost vision I had of the castle was on a foggy morning
      Yes, we were busy back then building castles. It would be great fun to visiting some of them. Kärnan is a must on a walk to Kullaberg
      Wish you a nice weekend,

      • Wonderful pictures in a Foggy morning. It’s just so well photographed! 🙂 I have never heard about the trail Kullaleden, it seems to e interesting. I usually ride my bike when the weather is good, but for various reasons have taken the car in recent months.

      • Hi Johnn. Glad you enjoyed my morning!
        Sometimes is more tempting to take the car but not when the sun shines. Then it’s time to lubricate the chain 🙂 🙂
        There are so many brilliant marked trails in Sweden. Here is a few of them: Visit Sweden
        Hope the sun is out in Kristianstad 🙂

  5. The early migrant songbirds are beginning to show up here now too. It’s a welcome sign of Spring after a long and cold winter.

    • Hi Montucky. It is a welcome sign indeed. The lark flew right in front of me that was an awesome experience. I always use to watch them flying high above the meadow but this time the bird tipped its wings in front of me 🙂 🙂
      I never heard the yellow hammer before at this time of year –
      Wish you some nice spring days ahead!!

    • Hi Pedrol. Thanks a lot for that nice compliment. I really appreciate my surroundings and never get tired of exploring birds and animals, forest and the sea. Things are always changing. You just have to keep an eye open 🙂 🙂

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