An Outstanding Suggestion

I had a chat with a man who recommended me the Botanic Garden in Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen.
The garden isn’t very big but I found a genuine happiness walking among those huge exotic ancient trees.
A Canadian Poppel was absolutely amazing. It took me some time to tear myself away from this wonder.
There are lots of magnolia trees and bushes. When they are blooming, the sight must be quite unforgettable.
I will make an essential note in my calendar.

Earlier the garden was a unit of KVL arboretum in Hørsholm now it is the Danish Nature Agency, which administers the garden with very qualified help from:
Foreningen Forstbotanisk Haves Venner

11 thoughts on “An Outstanding Suggestion

    • Hi Isabel. My brother had the great pleasure to visit Madrid. He sent many pictures from Madrid’s parks. He was very impressed. One might have been from a botanical garden!!
      Gracias mucho por su preciosa comentario, Isabel!!!

      • Klokkegækker er et super dejligt navn, Maia ❤
        Men det er en 'lilje' en Dorthealilje altså, tilhørende Amaryllisfamilien, som igen tilhører Aspargesordenen 😀 🙂
        Jeg bliver helt svimmel, men jeg er heller ikke biolog 🙂

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