A Viking ship is launched tomorrow

Now spring is here!
The Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the 30 meter long warship, is launched tomorrow, April 14th.
Can you imaging the viking sails appear in the horizon?
What an impressive sight that must have been.

Boat members will start the launch at 10 am
The Sea Stallion From Glendalough, approx. 13 pm
The newly built Teinæring is named and launched at 14 pm

The Viking Ship Museum

10 thoughts on “A Viking ship is launched tomorrow

    • Haha!You are right about that, Leya! Though there were skilled merchants among them too, men who gladly avoided a battle 🙂

  1. Beautiful shots Hanna. Indeed, the Vikings were some of the first explorers of this world and, we can only imagine the sights that they encountered and, the thoughts that must have gone through their minds. Those were the days when exploring was very real and, in some ways, I envy them so much. But, in our own way, we can still explore new places to us and, even though it’s not quite as dramatic as it was back then, it’s still very enjoyable and fulfilling. Who knows, maybe one day we will be reborn as Vikings ourselves. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your comment!! It is a fascinating thought to be reborn in the Viking Age. As you say not all things were just good but the exploring part of their live must have been very exciting and very rough at the same time 🙂

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