It’s time to get lost in the forest

Children are playing in the hills, the buzzard are circling the lake, the grass snake rushes rapidly between the newly sprouted forest foliage, a wren scolds from inside a wood stack, the frogs are singing a spring song, a lemon butterfly flies wildly over the anemones, as if it thinks, is it summer already?

Happy walk out there and leave nothing but your footprints ❤

10 Comments on “It’s time to get lost in the forest

  1. I walk often. Occasionally even post about it.

    These photos remind me much of springtime in Michigan where I grew up.

    • Thanks for visiting, Fred. The woods are small, but the variation in vegetation is great with interesting cultural-historical memorials. The lake in size isn’t to compare with Michicans 🙂

  2. You inspire feelings of joy and anticipation with your pictures and words!
    Yes! I took a walk yesterday morning. Listened to all the birds singing everywhere like a wave of twittering sounds. Saw the patches of hepatica, and in some places anemones were beginning to lift their heads to the sun. Woodpeckers were drumming and two little treecreepers were having a fight over territory, whirling around like two leaves in a gust of wind. I wanted all the world to see, and I drank the fragrance of the first flowers as I sat down to rest.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Oh! That was a wonderful read thanks a lot for that.
      It is interesting and a joy to wander around in nature. If you sit down and are completely quiet, the animals emerge from their hide. It’s a wonderful experience.
      I’m very glad I inspired you, you are most welcome, Ellington!

    • Fruit trees have started to bloom, it’s really amazing every year 🙂
      Thank you, Isabel!!

    • The time is just perfect as you say, Montucky. Isn’t too hot to walk and the air is clean and fresh. It’s great!

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