Hooray for Forest

We went into the forest on a very hot day looking for shade.
No rain of significance for three and a half months. Most green areas are withered and yellow.
To my surprise we found pleasant coolness and green lushness.
A fresh breeze came in on top of Fruebjerg and gave impression of being close to the sea, although the sea is about twenty kilometers away.

A Walk With A View

Just before Christmas I had a nice walk in the oldest forest in Denmark, Gribskov.
The sky was grey but when I got to the mountain Fruebjerg the sun broke through the darkness and revealed a lovely scenery.
Never let you fooled by the weather forecast.
Go out there and see for yourself 🙂

Kære danske læsere.
Hvis I har spørgsmål til turen, så spørg endelig i kommentarfeltet.
I er velkomne!

An Outdoor Adventure

This is one of the most wonderful walks I’ve been on for a long time.
Tempted by my story about Esrum Sø, my friend insisted on an outdoor adventure.
This time from the south entrance of the forest.
The huge diversity in the forest offers many nature experiences.
Forest lakes, large old pines, beech forest, larch, birch and ancient oak trees.
Fallen trees are allowed to lie, creating a unique food base for small and large birds.
Now different deciduous trees are planted.
Lakes are allowed to arise. Previously, the foresters drained the water away.
Currently, the eagles breed in the forest.
The right course is set for the forest, Gribskov ❤