Straight from the horse’s mouth

Islandsk hest, Gribskov

Can you recommend the buffet, I asked my hairy friend.

Islandsk hest, Gribskov

I think it’s delicious but take a walk in the area and see for yourself!
So I did what the horse said and it was worth it, even in cloudy weather though I left the buffet for the horse and his fellowship.

12 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth

  1. The horse gave you good “advice”… 😉 Your post and words made me grin. I’m a horse fan. Thank you, Hanna. 🙂

    • I’ve becoming a horse fan myself, Jane. Didn’t see it coming!
      They are cosy and social beings ❤
      I'm pleased you were entertained 🙂 🙂

  2. I presume the horse was speaking in Danish, not English. A very clever horse, whatever the language.
    Cheers, Alen

    • I would like to say that I’m a member of a semi-secret horse society: The Horseman’s Word.
      But I’m just good at understanding me on sniffles and neighing, and I can always recognize a gourmand when I see him 🙂
      Thanks for your interesting question.

    • Gracias querida Bárbara. Estas fotos son de uno de mis paseos por el campo. Una región al norte de Copenhague que admiro mucho. Las buenas fotos son debido al caballo.
      Besos ❤

  3. Neigh! You had your own lunch box with you I’m sure and it didn’t have any hay in it I bet.

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