I wonder if the sun comes

I wonder if the sun comes, I have walked in the darkness of Mordor for several months. The only thing missing is Mount Doom.
Now it is starting to brighten, someone who lacks a ring?

Rude Skov

Rude Skov

Rude Skov

Rude Skov

Wish you all a happy springtime ❤

19 thoughts on “I wonder if the sun comes

    • I added heat and intensity in a photo editing program. I have heard that some cameras are installed with red tinting in their colour, but Sony’s’ is without.
      Thanks a lot for your feed back.
      All the best,

    • Dear Laurie. Thank you for cheering me up ❤ Your advice about nothing stays the same forever is a great advice ⭐ 🙂
      I wish you a great weekend too!!

    • Hi Alen. Thank you for instilling me courage. I was about to upload some pictures from Mount Doom but I don’t want to create a depression on wordpress 🙂

  1. Kom til at tænke på gummistøvler – hvis man kan li’ at hoppe i vandpytter med sine ‘nye’ gummistøvler så er det vist højsæson lige nu… 😀

    Dejlige billeder… 🙂

    • If I purchase a camera with sealed optics, I think the rain will stop falling 😉 🙂
      I truly happy for your feed back!!

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