Lost in the forest

The temperature is approaching freezing point, the sun is going down, and I’m in the middle of the forest, but where?

Rain gusts had subsided over noon. I can make it before darkness, I thought, as I sat in the train on my way to the forest, Gribskov.
When I walked into the shadows among the trees, the sun was low in the sky, and I decided a short cut down to the well and the horses. A few minutes later, I stood in front of a ‘mountain’ of fallen trees on the small path which was impossible to pass.

Huge trees were broken in the storm and shattered in the fall. Spruces, pines and apparently healthy beech trees lay helter-skelter. It was a sight that surprised me. What an Armageddon when the old giants succumbed. Earth must have trembled as they fell.
I went back down the path, and had a small detour to approach the well. There were no horses, the water ran out among the stones at the bottom of the well.
The hike would be without drinking and without a map.

I forgot the map in my bustle. Who needs a map here, I thought?
Well it turned out that a map would actually have been a great help. The landscape had changed. There were clearings, where before there were woods. And lakes, where before there were meadows. Dark forest roads had changed appearance because fallen trees did room for the sunlight.

A wider forest track enticed me with sunlight, but at the same time I knew that this direction would increase the length of the route. Reluctantly I went back when the desired side road didn’t materialize.

My second choice was better suited. Still, I felt uncomfortable. The cold crept up on me, and a long walk in the silent forest would be an exciting adventure, but unpleasantly dark.
My pace went up, and soon the landscape reminded me of a hike few years ago on a beautiful day when snow crystals glittered and shone in all the colours of the rainbow.

Suddenly I saw hills further up the road and I recognize the landscape again. The mist hid in hollows, the last sunlight set fire to the top of the fir trees and the horses came curiously closer to greet. To increase my excitement ravens flew over my head as to greet me as well.

From the forest guard house sounded cackling, and soon chickens and Muscovy ducks came running down the road. The hens disappeared between the horses’ legs as if they had to test their limits. Quicker than lightning they disappeared up the hill again.

I wonder if they do that every night? Run down the road to get an adrenaline rush and to tease the horses.

The rest of the way to the station was almost without problems. I had some doubt for a moment, but relied on my sense of direction, and soon I saw the station building appeared between the trees.

What a great hike this has been. I’m just as AD-hungry as the chickens at the forest guard house 🙂

Julemand ved Grønnekilde

Ulvedalene, Gribskov
Ved Kagerup station, Gribskov

Happy Hiking ❤ …and remember all your meals 🙂

20 thoughts on “Lost in the forest

    • Thanks Resa!! When you are on your own and it’s getting dark the senses become sharpened…and suddenly the horses were there ❤ That was so beautiful ❤ 🙂
      All the best,

    • Es un lugar muy hermoso, Barbara. Es casi imposible de justificar la gozosa experiencia con este post.
      Amar saludos y abrazos de Navidad ❤

  1. Beautiful photos Hanna, and a great story. Nothing quite like losing your self in the woods 🙂

    • Thank you, James. Yes, it is wonderful not to know the way. You have to sharpen your senses and being in the present. But I prefer daylight 🙂 🙂
      All the best,

  2. A wonderful story Hanna! I love that 2nd picture where the path disappears between the trees into the mist. I would love to make a woodblock or lino print of it. (I will keep you posted about that). There is just nothing like getting lost in the woods! It carries you back to a time when our modern & sick world doesn’t exist.

    • Ash, there is a very special atmosphere around the horses. I have been in the forest in that area over the recent years, but the landscape changes constantly. It is a very hilly area by Danish standards. The hills surround a lake which is very idyllic. I would love to stay there at night but sometimes being sensible I prefer the right gear for a night out 🙂
      Some of the photos I’ve taken are amusing to work with when processing.
      The sea, breaking against the groynes in bright sunshine, gets all sorts of vibrant colours.
      A hike in the forest makes the world seems acceptable once again.
      Thank you for a lovely comment 🙂
      All the best,

  3. The changing of familiar landscapes is almost unbelievable when it’s been harvested – be it by man or by natural forces. Wonderful images and story – glad you got back in one piece!

    • I love to get lost 🙂 It must be the delightful challenge that lies in being fully present in the moment. Have you ever walked on your own in the mountains? Sometimes I consider a small walk in Norway. But when I was about to travel some months ago the flood started.
      Thanks a lot for the compliment, Leya.

      • I walked on my own for a week in Lapland once – but I had my dog with me…so that maybe does not count…I love getting lost when I do not have a clock to follow. No exact time to be somewhere to meet someone a.s.o.

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