The Tavignano Gorge on Corsica

We called it the Rain Valley, the Tavignano Gorge.
One day we drove through Corte, Corsica’s former capital and passed a view to a beautiful looking valley.

From the car I could see a path winding its way in the mountainside. The valley was sparkling green and beautiful. That kind of sights inspires me and as soon as we got back to our base I began to study our maps.
Next day we found our way into the wilderness and the Tavignano Gorge was spectacular lushly.

I was reminded of the Tavignano Gorge when McEff published the post from Andalusia: Chasing the Storm.  A walk or some might call it a climb between the towns of Lanjarón and Órgiva. There are pictures in that post where you can see a trail, the GR 7 cuts across the cliffs of the gorge. I think our trail was paved, compared with the Andalucian GR7 trail.

Vi kaldte kløften for regnvejrsdalen, theTavignano Gorge.
En dag, da vi kørte gennem Corte, Korsikas tidligere hovedstad, passerede vi en meget smuk udsigt til en dal inde mellem bjergene.

Jeg fik øje på en sti, der snoede sig vej inde på den frodige bjergside. Sådanne syn inspirerer mig, og så snart vi kom tilbage til vores base begyndte jeg at studere vores kort.
Næste dag fandt vi vejen ind i Tavignano kløften, der var spektakulær frodig.


You can see more details in Walks on Corsica: 70 Selected Walks on the Coasts and in the Mountains of the “Island of Beauty” by Klaus Wolfsperger

The Tavignano Gorge is worth a visit even when it rains!!! Quote by me 🙂

21 thoughts on “The Tavignano Gorge on Corsica

  1. Hej Hanna. Sorry, but I have slipped behind with my internet browsings. It looks like a very beautiful place and one day I hope to go there. Thanks for the link.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Hi Jacques. There is a wealth of impressive superbly landscaped walking paths in different climate zones in beautiful and dramatic scenery.
      Happy festive season to you too!!

  2. Estos lugares tan bonitos y bucólicos invitan a la meditación. Cada paseo por ellos muesta el poder y la belleza de la naturaleza. Disfruta tus vacaciones. 🙂

    • Muchas gracias por sus hermosas palabras, Magnoliae.
      Córcega tiene una gran belleza natural y ofrece tantas impresiones diferentes.
      Espero que disfruten el espíritu s de la estación ❤

  3. As always with your posts I am transported away from the dull & graceless world. Thank you Hanna. Great Yule! And don’t forget to leave out a bowl of porridge for the Nisser!

    • Ash, you make me laugh 🙂 Great Jul to you too. The porridge is already made. We have also eaten a bit too. I don’t hope there will be trouble now.
      Nisser are very inventive when they are angry!
      All the best,

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