Greetings from the mountains

Every time I see cotton grass, my thoughts fall on the Norwegian mountain lakes.

The video from the Norwegian mountains is one of my absolute favourites.
Watch and get inspired!

How do we pay them?

I wrote these lines as a tribute to nature:

When you stumble, you will find their fruits,
you’ll play hide and seek under them,
and you’ll climb in them.
You’ll visit them with your first loved one,
and you will walk under them with your family.
They supply the animals with food.
They tell you all about the seasons.
They give you shelter on a rainy day,
and they protect you from the sun on a hot summer day.
They are trees!
They provide joy, happiness, warmth and food.
They still breathe for us –

He who plants a tree, plants a hope. ~ Lucy Larcom

Walks, that you don’t want to leave

Happy Earth Day!

I have celebrated Earth Day today along with the Fox, the Red-Necked Grebe, Green Frogs, Grass Snakes, Swans and Geese, Bumblebees, Highland Cattle, Sheep and Lambs and a Red Kite.

The forests around Buresø are among the most beautiful scenery I know of in North Seeland.


Kort over Skovene ved Buresø

Earth Day