What is it With Trolls and Norway?

When clouds cover the sun, then mountains, trees and rocks turn into dark threatening shadows, so even the snow hides in the darkness.
Waterfalls and wild rivers orchestrate their own strangely bizarre music and the wind howls its contribution as for chasing a fear in the lonely wanderer.
Monstrous, deformed trees suddenly look like creatures from another world.
No wonder that people thought there were trolls in this incredible universe that Norway’s mountain world poses.
The paintings I have found here reveal the powerful effect that nature has had on the artists.

The Labro Falls at Kongsberg
Norwegian romantic painter Thomas Fearnley

And here I met trolls. Maybe it was the river that sang like that in my ears. Maybe it was the stars that were so high up there. Maybe the feeling of loneliness in here. Maybe this weird mix of wildness and peace. Or maybe it was quite simply the change of weather that quickly crept inwards on the morning twig?

At least they came that night. It was a whole bunch of trolls. Big and heavy they rose to meet over the ridge, thick and round they rolled down from the peaks, small and shabby they emerge from the heather. They climbed awkwardly on grey stones and ravens, nodded slowly to each other, shook their hams and mumbled into the air.

They did not pay attention to me … * Kari Heftye Skollerud Journalist

Landscape with a River
Norwegian painter Hans Leganger Reusch
Norwegian painter Johan Fredrik Eckersberg

Anyone who has once crossed the grey mountains of Trollheimen and wandered in the lush, wooded valleys between them, listened to the restless journey of the rivers between snow-glaciers and the sea and picked the berries of late summer, will always long to return…
Trollheimen, is a mountain adventure, a mountain home that is able to enchant those who seek fresh strength in the simple life of walking.
* Karl H. Brox Journalist and author

Nordic Landscape with Trolltindene
Norwegian painter and professor Johan Christian Dahl

Leave Nothing But Your Footprint ❤ Happy Walk

Reindalen worth visiting

An unforgettable walk in Reindalen in Norway

A view towards Friisbua at Tordsvatnet. Click the link, Friisbua to see a detailed map

Greetings from the mountains

Every time I see cotton grass, my thoughts fall on the Norwegian mountain lakes.

The video from the Norwegian mountains is one of my absolute favourites.
Watch and get inspired!


This is a beautiful and interesting place in Norway, a mountain pass; Valdresflya.
Now the hostel is closed and construction projects are implemented for a facility centre for tourists instead.
But you are still able to park the car and walk in these stunning surroundings.
The pictures are old ones but loved never the less 🙂

There is an interesting possibility instead of the hostel.
Take a look at this wild place called Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge and watch their facilities and mountains here: TOP OF NORWAY

Map: Leirvassbu

The Bog Poetry

As always when I see cotton flowers, I think of Valdresflya in Norway.

Willem Vandoorne

In summer 2012 I hiked and packrafted the length of Norway, a journey of four months and 2750km.

With these words Willem Vandoorne begins his story about his long journey a story combined with inspiring and exciting videos starting from Lindeness in the south of Norway to Nordkinnhalvøya in the northernmost of Norway.

I became aware of Willem several years ago when I searched the internet for exiting routes. I came across his video from Jotunheimen and Rondane in Norway.

Following in his footstep wouldn’t be an easy accomplishment for me nevertheless it is extremely motivating when people pursue their dreams.

Maybe the music refers to the weather which always can be a challenge when trekking.

You can check Willem’s list of trips here: Willem Vandoorne’s Travel Log
The picture below refers to a cosy hike me and my friend had around Venabu: Myfallet

Myfallet, Venabu, Norway

Myfallet, Venabu, Norway

Night out – in nature

Fantastisk fjeldovergang - Valdre Flya

Et smukt eksempel på en fjeldovergang, Valdresflya: Se mere her

Nordmændende har udnævnt året 2015 til Friluftslivets år. Der skal fokus på friluftslivet i nærmiljøet, på lystfiskeri og på oplevelser af kulturminder i naturen. Året skal øge bevidstheden om den gavnlige effekt udelivet har på helbredet, og der skal skabes et bedre kendskab til almensretten.

I morgen skydes Friluftlivets år i gang med overnatning i det fri.

Mari Valen Høihjelle har i den anledning bragt et misundelsesværdigt indlæg: NATT I NATUREN

Nordmænd inspirerer mig til udeliv, Mari er et godt eksempel. Jeg blev også inspireret til at bruge The Sketch Theme.

Jeg er på tur i Rondane

Har man én gang været i fjeldet i Norge, glemmer man det aldrig. Her er jeg på tur fra Hjerkinn mod Gausdal Vestfjell.