Willem Vandoorne

In summer 2012 I hiked and packrafted the length of Norway, a journey of four months and 2750km.

With these words Willem Vandoorne begins his story about his long journey a story combined with inspiring and exciting videos starting from Lindeness in the south of Norway to Nordkinnhalvøya in the northernmost of Norway.

I became aware of Willem several years ago when I searched the internet for exiting routes. I came across his video from Jotunheimen and Rondane in Norway.

Following in his footstep wouldn’t be an easy accomplishment for me nevertheless it is extremely motivating when people pursue their dreams.

Maybe the music refers to the weather which always can be a challenge when trekking.

You can check Willem’s list of trips here: Willem Vandoorne’s Travel Log
The picture below refers to a cosy hike me and my friend had around Venabu: Myfallet

Myfallet, Venabu, Norway

Myfallet, Venabu, Norway

4 thoughts on “Willem Vandoorne

    • Thank you, Barbara. I have never tried to walk 2700 km in hilly terrain at the same time. I’m very impressed 🙂 🙂
      Big hug in return ❤ ❤

    • I would feel unsafe walking alone in the mountains, Ash. It has become clear to me that even very experienced mountain people are included in the accident statistics.
      If you add river rafting in a small rubber boat I think the calculation for something bad might happen becomes incredibly interesting. But he made the trip despite he got an injury in the very first part of the trek. Nothing serious though. He had the great luck to meet a Norwegian doctor in the hut where he was staying overnight.
      My picture is from Norway in an incredibly interesting landscape.
      At first I spotted the place in a book from the library and the book became worn so I had to go and see for myself and I wasn’t disappointed 🙂
      All the best,

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