Forårslys, Kajakker og Fossekall

På parkeringspladsen ved Nymølle holdt en norsk indregistreret Van med kajakbøjler på taget. Nede ved Mølleåen bag den gamle papirfabrik var padling næsten unødvendigt.

Med samme hastighed som deres nationalfugl, fossekall, forsvandt bådene rundt om brinken i den hurtigt strømmende Mølleå.

Var de mon klar over, at der er her, vandstæren holder vinterferie?

Her sidder fuglen ofte mellem trærødderne i brinken, og synger ligesom en lærke, når ikke den flyver lavt hen over vandet. Den kan gå på bunden, fordi vingerne bruges som spoilere og presser fuglen ned i den stærke strøm. Den er ret genial og sjov.

Kajakker ved Nymølle.  Foto Hanna Greenwood.

Kajakker ved Nymølle.
Foto Hanna Greenwood.

Lyset har ændret sig dramatisk de seneste uger. Det er noget, vi alle sammen registrerer, og noget de fleste glæder sig over. Jeg gik fra iso 800 til iso 100 på kamaeraet på en uge. Det lyder næsten som en acceleration, det føles også sådan.

Når det skarpe forårslys gennemtrænger alt, kommer jeg altid til at tænke på Kalkemanden af L.A. Ring. En refleks får mig næsten til at knibe øjnene sammen, når jeg ser det skarpe lys i billedet.
På Statens Museum for Kunst fandt jeg billedet til download:

Billede af L.A. Ring 1908. Download fra SMK.

Billede af L.A. Ring 1908. Download fra SMK.

God tur i foråret ❤



9 thoughts on “Forårslys, Kajakker og Fossekall

  1. Thanks for that, Hanna. You have tought me many things. I know about the people in the painting, despite the fact they passed into another world many decades ago, and I know how to photograph birds. If I get chance tomorrow I will sit beside the stream and wait for my dipper.

    • You have given me insight into English history and what an exiting travel it has been to go back in time.
      Hope you have great weather at your place tomorrow due to the solar eclipse.
      It’s common that birds becomes silent when the solar eclipse happens.
      All the best,

  2. Hej Hanna. I am so pleased we have had news of the dipper. I look forward to him (or perhaps her) making an appearance soon. There used to be a dipper in the stream near my house (about 100 metres from my door) but I haven’t seen it for a few years now. I’ll keep an eye open for it.
    I like that picture a lot. It would be fascinating to know what the woman is saying to the man.
    All the best, Alen

    • Hi Alen. Lovely to hear from you 🙂 100 meter from your doorstep! How luckly you are. The way you are able to see if the dipper pays you a visit is to spot its white small droppings 😉
      I found a description of the painting and the persons. I did my best to translate the text:
      Art historian Miriam Garden Watts has described the image of the people who Ring was quite familiar with and used as models for several of his paintings:

      “Old Ane has turned up in the window looking out into the strong sunlight to exchange some words with Per Nilen. He stands with a lime brush/broom and a bucket in the process of doing her house ready for spring squinting against the bright glare from the white plastered wall. The building and its surroundings leaning of wear and tear in different directions, forming sloping curved lines and odd angles, which is balanced by the figure of Per Nilen. He interrupt his work in conversation with Ane, and with its almost frontal position, one hand on the side and weight evenly distributed in clogs made of paving stones, he stands as a solid center.
      The window with the newly repaired, puttied pane seems almost to open out of the space of the painting, and image edge intersects the subject so abruptly that only a small sample of Anes face framed by the window art. The surprising pruning and meticulous, realistic detail contributes to the feeling of a look into an ordinary, everyday experience and its chores that call themselves known so thorough. After having renovated the old school in Baldersbrønde near Hedehusene in 1902 he moved there with his family.
      Old Ane lived just opposite Ring and helped the family when needed. She and Per Nilen are recognizable in many of his paintings. “

      Well now you know a little bit more about the persons.
      Reading you post about Gibraltar Point and your attempt to ‘shoot’ a quick bird I’ve learned an important lesson from one of my fellow norwegian blogger. She always sit down waiting for birds, butterflies ect. to come to her camera ready to shoot. Now you know 🙂
      All the best,

      • Thanks for the LA Ring picture. I’d seen a couple of his pictures when I was at college a long time ago; this one has some lovely light touches, on the top of his hat, on the cheek of the person looking through the window. Beautiful!

      • Thanks a lot, Ash! I’ll return later on this one.
        But right now I’ll wish you:
        Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! 🙂 🙂

      • Ash, it’s exciting, you already know L.A. Ring. I found a video from the museum with subtitle in English: L.A. Ring
        The light in paintings, photos and our experiences in nature is a great experience when one becomes aware of it 🙂
        Wish you a nice day,

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