Valdresflya i Norge og filosoffen Arne Næss

Engang skulle jeg opereres for en livstruende sygdom. Det vigtigste for mig, næst efter alle de mennesker jeg elsker, var at komme i fjeldet igen.
Som motivationsfaktor medbragte jeg en helt speciel velduftende parfume, som af flere grunde minder mig om fjeldet, samt DNT’s magasin, Fjelll og Vidde.
Jeg kunne kort tid efter operationen begynde at planlægge næste fjeldtur, og den vigtige genoptræning.
Set i bakspejlet var det en genial plan, og den virkede ud over alle forventninger.

Grunden til min personlige historie kan I finde i det efterfølgende spørgsmål; hvad gør fjeldet ved os?

Hvad gør fjeldet ved os? Måske skulle vi hellere drøfte ordenes utilstrækkelighed i at beskrive det ubeskrivelige, svarer den norske professor i filosofi, Arne Dekke Eide Næss i et interview i Fjellenes år Årbog 2002.

Det er jo ofte sådan, at når du kommer op over trægrænsen, og ser fjeldene, da mærker du at der sker noget med dig. Du bliver gladere, og du ønsker at hoppe og springe, siger Arne Næss. Det er det fjeldene gør med os.
De fylder os med deres storhed, de fylder os med inspiration, de giver os næsten vinger.

Det er det, jeg oplever, når jeg vandrer i fjeldet. En boblende glæde og en taknemmelighed over at være til. Ja, det er næsten som at få vinger 🙂

Klik her for at se det interessante kort over Valdresflya med vandreruter påtegnet

25 thoughts on “Valdresflya i Norge og filosoffen Arne Næss

    1. Alexander, this’s one of the best thing about being in the mountains. Being able to get the ultimate glimpse of the sky. Thank you so much.
      All the best,

      1. I know what you mean. That’s why I love windy days 🙂 Good news that the sun and the spring is arriving at your place 🙂 Enjoy!!!

  1. Hanna I think the mountains (& here in NI they are not really that high) & the solitude they engender is the same as meditation. There are also many other landscapes like coast & moor that can give one this same sense of release from the busy self-gratifying world we now seem to live in. Rejse i fred

    1. You made me smile with the last remark. I think I know what you mean by your comment, Ash. But I haven’t been challenged like the way I am in Norway in any other place. I’m not talking about how high the mountains are. For me it is a question about wilderness. Maybe you are more blessed with solitude maybe it’s easier for you to go on the moor or by the lake without the feeling of taking a walk in a shopping street. I went to the Alps once and it was beautiful but somehow it didn’t give me the same joy as Norway. PS I do not get kickbacks from Visit Norway 😀
      Maybe the only place which I can think of is able to match Norway is Corsica. PPS Mine Rejser i Fred have been limited 🙂 …and yes you feel peace with yourself getting close to nature and that is very similar to meditation.
      All the best,

      1. No matter where I am if I can touch that nerve within me that triggers peaceful thoughts, then:

        “Restored, I leave the valley,
        the ground beneath my steps, reminding me
        that when the dark and graceless world crowds in
        to rest my gaze on pictures of this land.”

      2. Thank you for those beautiful words, Ash. Being able to wear the precious nature in your inner being is a joy and a relief. Thanks again 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Isabel. I don’t remember any birds. But I was probably occupied by the views so for once I forgot all about them 🙂

    1. Mari, jeg ved, hvor meget naturen betyder for dig, derfor blev jeg utrolig glad for din kommentar ❤ 🙂
      Mange hilsner,

  2. So much beautiful sky! I don’t have such scenery where I live so I appreciate these lovely landscapes of mountains and flowers. Thank you for sharing these.

    1. It is a great pleasure to share my experiences with people who enjoy nature. The sky that particularly day was awesome. Jane. Walking on a mountain plateau gives the benefit of a wide panoramic vision. We never forget that day due to the beautiful weather ❤ 🙂
      All the best,

  3. Ja, han har så rätt – och du också. Fjällen är så viktiga för oss, och jag önskar att alla som aldrig vandrat där ska komma dit och göra det.

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