What is it With Trolls and Norway?

When clouds cover the sun, then mountains, trees and rocks turn into dark threatening shadows, so even the snow hides in the darkness.
Waterfalls and wild rivers orchestrate their own strangely bizarre music and the wind howls its contribution as for chasing a fear in the lonely wanderer.
Monstrous, deformed trees suddenly look like creatures from another world.
No wonder that people thought there were trolls in this incredible universe that Norway’s mountain world poses.
The paintings I have found here reveal the powerful effect that nature has had on the artists.

The Labro Falls at Kongsberg
Norwegian romantic painter Thomas Fearnley

And here I met trolls. Maybe it was the river that sang like that in my ears. Maybe it was the stars that were so high up there. Maybe the feeling of loneliness in here. Maybe this weird mix of wildness and peace. Or maybe it was quite simply the change of weather that quickly crept inwards on the morning twig?

At least they came that night. It was a whole bunch of trolls. Big and heavy they rose to meet over the ridge, thick and round they rolled down from the peaks, small and shabby they emerge from the heather. They climbed awkwardly on grey stones and ravens, nodded slowly to each other, shook their hams and mumbled into the air.

They did not pay attention to me … * Kari Heftye Skollerud Journalist

Landscape with a River
Norwegian painter Hans Leganger Reusch
Norwegian painter Johan Fredrik Eckersberg

Anyone who has once crossed the grey mountains of Trollheimen and wandered in the lush, wooded valleys between them, listened to the restless journey of the rivers between snow-glaciers and the sea and picked the berries of late summer, will always long to return…
Trollheimen, is a mountain adventure, a mountain home that is able to enchant those who seek fresh strength in the simple life of walking.
* Karl H. Brox Journalist and author

Nordic Landscape with Trolltindene
Norwegian painter and professor Johan Christian Dahl

Leave Nothing But Your Footprint ❤ Happy Walk

18 thoughts on “What is it With Trolls and Norway?

  1. The paintings are beautiful and the last video of the trio hiking up the mountain and climbing up was both breathtaking and stomach turning. I’d love to see that view in person but not sure I have the stomach to climb up the mountain like that! 🤣

    • Hi Ab. I think the paintings express how dramatic nature can be in Norway. And then, below the mountains lie beautiful lush valleys. It’s my favourite nature of all time.
      I posted the videos in the post, despite the lack of English translation.
      It is my impression that one can well shudder over the steep mountain without knowing the language 🤣
      I would also love to experience the view! From a helicopter. I’ve tried that before 👀✌

  2. You have trolls. I can see why, Hanna. We have Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch. The world’s only Bigfoot trap is about three miles from our house. And no, it never caught one. 🙂 –Curt

    • It was about time I expanded my knowledge of creatures. At least it’s not boring, Curt and the literature is extensive.
      We only have elves and mermaids in Denmark. We have to go to Norway to get hold of real trolls 😀
      We have several forests named after the trolls. Often windswept pine trees along the coast. Perhaps the trolls fled to Norway via the sea. That’s probably why I haven’t seen anyone in Denmark yet 🤞

      • Ah yes, the iconic mermaid statue, I believe. 🙂 Bigfoot is all over the Northwestern US Hanna. We are always finding statues and images. There are even conferences where all of the Bigfoot ‘experts’ get together and swap tales.
        The wilderness we look out onto from our patio is supposed to be prime Bigfoot country. I always keep a sharp lookout. 🙂
        Not having trolls in Denmark may be a good thing, given their reputation. –Curt

  3. I visited Kongsberg a few years ago, but sadly, didn’t see any trolls. And I don’t remember the river looking quite that wild! 😉 You found some excellent paintings.

    • I have an addition regarding trolls. I saw the movie, Trollhunter on your recommendation. Brilliant idea to record it as a documentary 🙂 The biggest thrill was the stay in the cave, TOGETHER with the trolls –

      • I’m so glad you remembered and watched that! I agree, the documentary approach was great, and having an overworked government functionary, just doing his job in a matter-of-fact way, gave it a real feeling of authenticity. And the trolls themselves were great.

      • You summed it up nicely, Robert!! Did you notice the last part of the movie: “The film ends with a news clip of the former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg appearing to admit to the existence of trolls, though the press fails to take notice.” *Wiki.

      • I hadn’t realized until I looked it up, that it was a real film clip, I’d never heard of the Troll gas field he was talking about. I think this movie, and Cloverfield, were both pretty successful with this “found footage” technique. I haven’t seen the other movies with this director, André Øvredal, I know he did a horror film that was pretty well rated, but I don’t watch those.

      • Things are not always what they seem to be. But that’s the thrill of researching 😊
        Thank you for your comments, Roger!!
        Happy Easter,

    • Thanks for that, Mike. You have an eye for details !! 👍The colours of the water are spectacular, breaking with the dark clouds and mountain sides. I love the sight 😊

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