The Light in March

I’ve been out and about the last few days.
Beautiful imaginative clouds appear in the sky as stacked bubbles and waves.
The sky is blue and the air is clear. It’s enticing and irresistible.

Hornbæk Plantage
A View of Kronborg Castle in the distance

Remember your packed lunch and leave only your footprints behind.
Happy walks ❤

22 thoughts on “The Light in March

  1. Feels very peaceful on your walk Hanna. Beautiful scenery with such brilliant light. Yes, this is a wonderful time of year. Probably my most favourite 🙂

  2. How wonderful you captured the sea, a sense of spring and a sense of calm. So beautiful Hanna …..
    Så underbart du fångat havet , en känsla av vår och en känsla av lugn. Så vackert Hanna…..

    • Thank you for your lovely words, Håkan. Spring offers hope, joy and energy. Everything sprouts and the sun shines.
      It is about enjoying every single moment 😊
      Wish you a lovely weekend!!

  3. Here in the UK I tend to find that March light is a little frustrating at times. When we do get Blue skies and sunshine the horizon it was I always call “watery” never razor crisp. I guess it the warmth bringing out the moisture from the land. Love the seascapes…… cannot wait till we have the freedom to reach those extremities of our coast again 🙂

    • I think it is the opposite where I live, i.e. in eastern Denmark. There is a big difference in the weather in Denmark, despite our small country.
      Precipitation levels are higher in Jutland.
      I do look forward to a time when the risk for infection is lower ✌👍😍 Freedom that is!!
      Have a great weekend, David!

    • Thanks a lot, Klaus. It’s an irresistible time being out and about in nature.
      Happy gardening and walks 😊
      All the best,

    • Hi Mike. That’s true. Especially if you are walking from hut to hut in the mountains – No thunderstorms! 👍😊

      • We’re quite lucky over here really, in that thunderstorms only seem to happen in August and then later in the day. So if you’re up and off early (as you often are from the huts) and not walking too far, you will generally get to the next one by, say, mid-afternoon and before the heavens open.

      • That’s reassuring, Mike. I have experienced thunderstorms several times in the Norwegian mountains – At noon😊 . Even if you are checking the weather forecast, it’s impossible to be certain. Yes, it’s a good expression: When the heavens open 😀😀

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