How do we pay them?

I wrote these lines as a tribute to nature:

When you stumble, you will find their fruits,
you’ll play hide and seek under them,
and you’ll climb in them.
You’ll visit them with your first loved one,
and you will walk under them with your family.
They supply the animals with food.
They tell you all about the seasons.
They give you shelter on a rainy day,
and they protect you from the sun on a hot summer day.
They are trees!
They provide joy, happiness, warmth and food.
They still breathe for us –

He who plants a tree, plants a hope. ~ Lucy Larcom

14 thoughts on “How do we pay them?

  1. What a lovely meditation, Hanna! Trees are among my most favorite living beings, so i especially appreciate your lovely tribute to them.

    • Hi George. Thanks a lot!! There is a small piece of forest with chestnuts where the animals love to forage. It is amazing to see them in the glades that have occurred in the forest. Very serene ❤

    • Hi Cindy. It really does.
      I walk in the forest every day, but still I was surprised by the many joys the forest gives when I listed them ❤

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