Sun and Rain

The last few days’ weather reminds me of Norway. Lots and lots of rain and suddenly a sparkling clear blue sky.

A fantastic weather if you’re dressed for it 😊

Here is a picture of an old Hawthorn against a blue sky.

12 thoughts on “Sun and Rain

  1. Similar weather in eastern Scotland right now. Are hawthorn berries ripe there? Still hard here, but soon good for making fruit leather. Love the photo!

    • I don’t know if the berries are ripe, Margaret. It’s strange, but I’ve never consider picking them.
      I know now that they are useful in wine, jelly, food, medicine and other uses. And due to your comment I know about fruit leather too.
      Very interesting tree that is 🙂

    • Hi George. I love to go out after the rain. Everything twinkles and shines! One should try to keep that in mind, if the rain continues during a long walk 😊

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