Sun and Rain

The last few days’ weather reminds me of Norway. Lots and lots of rain and suddenly a sparkling clear blue sky.

A fantastic weather if you’re dressed for it 😊

Here is a picture of an old Hawthorn against a blue sky.

12 thoughts on “Sun and Rain

    • Hi George. I love to go out after the rain. Everything twinkles and shines! One should try to keep that in mind, if the rain continues during a long walk 😊

  1. Similar weather in eastern Scotland right now. Are hawthorn berries ripe there? Still hard here, but soon good for making fruit leather. Love the photo!

    • I don’t know if the berries are ripe, Margaret. It’s strange, but I’ve never consider picking them.
      I know now that they are useful in wine, jelly, food, medicine and other uses. And due to your comment I know about fruit leather too.
      Very interesting tree that is 🙂

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