In The Footsteps Of A King

Several times I’ve seen King Frederik 7’s monogram on my walk in nature.
Or I stumble over stories that have emerged around his activities.
He was very fond of digging out burial mounds. Fortunately, he was assisted by very knowledgeable people so no harm was done.
None of which I’m aware of. But then I’m not an archaeologist either.

King Frederik the 7th of Denmark was a colourful personality.
His greatest interest was archaeology, representation and his third wife, ballerina Louise Rasmussen, Countess Danner.

Recently I visited Frederik 7′ cave in Skodsborg. It is well located overlooking the Sound and his Villa Rex.
He held gatherings in the cave and it is said that they were certainly not boring.

King Frederik 7. of Denmark (1848 – 1863)

6 thoughts on “In The Footsteps Of A King

  1. Am i understanding correctly that King Frederick 7 enjoyed digging up graves?! I think that would qualify him as one of the most interesting monarchs in history, at least in terms of hobbies. I greatly prefer YOUR hobby of photography, though, and of showing us these gorgeous places. 🙂

    • He loved nature and silence. He slept better in a tent than in a palace. He loved a good story and gladly exaggerated it. He loved to uncover 3400 year old burial mounds by archaeological methods – with help from others.
      He loved to fish and hunt.
      I think he understood how to live the life given to him 😃
      Maybe he was better suited as a forester, but he was born to be a king.
      Thanks, Heide!!

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