In The Footsteps Of A King

Several times I’ve seen King Frederik 7’s monogram on my walk in nature.
Or I stumble over stories that have emerged around his activities.
He was very fond of digging out burial mounds. Fortunately, he was assisted by very knowledgeable people so no harm was done.
None of which I’m aware of. But then I’m not an archaeologist either.

King Frederik the 7th of Denmark was a colourful personality.
His greatest interest was archaeology, representation and his third wife, ballerina Louise Rasmussen, Countess Danner.

Recently I visited Frederik 7′ cave in Skodsborg. It is well located overlooking the Sound and his Villa Rex.
He held gatherings in the cave and it is said that they were certainly not boring.

King Frederik 7. of Denmark (1848 – 1863)

Something is missing

I haven’t seen him for weeks now. The first time we met him, he lectured about wildlife in the bog.
He is always accompanied by female assistants. They carry all sorts of stuff for him: Buckets, magnifying glass, nets and fishing gear.

But people around him are having a very hard time keeping up with his enthusiastic research of animals, fish and insects.
He runs across the tree roots so fast that his feet barely touch the ground.
Where others would fall, he soars like a cloud drifting in the sky.

Often, he lies on his stomach and watch the colourful dragonflies acting with blinding speed across the lake.

The last time we saw him, he was really excited. He hovered towards us in his usual way.
Gently he handed an object forward with both hands. It was a large skin from a snake not easy to find.
Be very careful, it breaks easily, he said.
Seconds later he was gone.

Soon after we could hear him talking with his assistant.
I have met many people throughout my life, but rarely a 4-year-old little boy who impresses so much with his being.

His name is Sebastian.

Rain and Mist

Even rain and mist can be lovely on a Summer day.
But do you know the rain that makes you drenched on five seconds?

A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.
Henry David Thoreau

The Blueberry Season

I shot the blueberry season underway yesterday. An early start for a delicious morsel. The characteristic for the blueberries are an upright, deciduous dwarf shrub with dark blue berries. Shrub is from 15 to 45 cm and is easily recognised because the branches are square, green and smooth. The leaves are 8-25 mm long, finely serrated, short-stemmed and green underside. Later in the year the leaves are often brown spotted. The flowers are first light, since red-green to completely red and sitting solitary in axils. The bloated jar shaped flowers are four to seven millimetres long; the stamens are smooth. The berries are six to eight mm, dark blue, or black glistening with a purple juice that reveals the blueberry eat socket when the lips are coloured blue – Very revealing, I might add.

Wish you all a good hunt!!!

Clouds Drifting

On my way home the other day I found a hobbit hole.

The hole was like a door into another world. A world of clouds.

Et hobbithul i mur mellem TrepilelĂĽgen og  Springforbi

Et hobbithul i mur ved Springforbi Foto by Hanna Greenwood

That made me think of an article I read about the Danish weather once.
The sky in Denmark is something special. In the sense that there is a very wide variation in relation to other places in the world.

McEff from Becausetheyrethere now lives in Andalusia. He has consistently noticed the sky on my pictures 🙂 And there might be a reason for that.
I have found the information I lacked which deals with why the sky of Denmark is worth enjoying.

Denmark is a unique place on the planet where most weather and most air masses passing through in a year. With air masses and the changeable weather follows all sorts off clouds, so look up and enjoy!

The Hobbit Hole

slowly drifting
across the horizon
looking for a dry
Heather Burns

McEff fra Becausetheyrethere er flyttet til Andalusien. Det må opleves som et voldsomt klimaskift fra en lind strøm af stormende lavtryk til en klar blå himmel og 35-40 graders varme. Jeg tror, der går en rum tid, før vi kan forvente rapportering om vandreture fra Andalusien 🙂

Sommeren herhjemme har vÌret usÌdvanlig kold, og høsten er sat langt tilbage. Vi mangler solen, og dog har der vÌret perioder, hvor vejret i Danmark har vist sig fra sin bedste side.
Himlen og skyerne i Danmark er unikke, og meteorolog Jesper Theilgaard har udgivet en smuk bog om vejret i Danmark.

I det digre værk: ”Det Danske Vejr” fortæller Theilgaard om de danske guldaldermalere Eckersberg, Købke, Skovgaard og Lundbye. Flere af datidens malere interesserede sig for meteorologi.

Skovgaards billede ”Fra Eremitagen” er et dejligt gensyn for mig.

“Fra Eremitagen” af P.C. Skovgaard

Eremitagen er et vidunderligt sted at betragte himlen. GrĂŚsser der svajer i vinden, med alle de nuancer der fremkommer, nĂĽr skyerne driver hen over himlen.

Himlens stolte vÌsner de 27 skytyper: Skytyper