Something is missing

I haven’t seen him for weeks now. The first time we met him, he lectured about wildlife in the bog.
He is always accompanied by female assistants. They carry all sorts of stuff for him: Buckets, magnifying glass, nets and fishing gear.

But people around him are having a very hard time keeping up with his enthusiastic research of animals, fish and insects.
He runs across the tree roots so fast that his feet barely touch the ground.
Where others would fall, he soars like a cloud drifting in the sky.

Often, he lies on his stomach and watch the colourful dragonflies acting with blinding speed across the lake.

The last time we saw him, he was really excited. He hovered towards us in his usual way.
Gently he handed an object forward with both hands. It was a large skin from a snake not easy to find.
Be very careful, it breaks easily, he said.
Seconds later he was gone.

Soon after we could hear him talking with his assistant.
I have met many people throughout my life, but rarely a 4-year-old little boy who impresses so much with his being.

His name is Sebastian.

18 thoughts on “Something is missing

  1. I hope you will run into Sebastian again soon, Hanna! In the meantime, you have these gorgeous photos as souvenirs.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment!!
      I did a research on what people think we should learn from children, what qualities.
      Creativity, perseverance, learn by imitation, ask lots of questions, every day is a new day, letting go of grudges, laugh every day – the list is endless.
      one bundle of energy that is the right expression 🙂

    • Peter, it’s easy to be inspired when you meet a four-year old boy who is a true nature enthusiast. He might turn up in the world press with new groundbreaking research in a year or two.
      The short time horizon is based on his activity level 🙂
      Thank you!!

  2. Perhaps he’s moved on to pastures new, and fresh bogs, off somewhere telling stories to his acolytes under the greenwood tree. I don’t wonder that you miss his presence, he sounds like a great kid and a natural-born teacher.
    These are nice photographs, my favorite time of year.

    • I like the way you think, Robert – that he sits under the Greenwood tree and tells stories of new adventures in nature.
      The autumn is a wonderful time for exploring nature and find new gems.
      Thanks a lot for your comment!!

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