An elongated sound?

Can a sound be elongated? The forest pigeons sound like a regiment of soldiers when there are more than three. The blackbird is phenomenal in causing noise when searching for food. But I recognise the grass snake by… Read More

Rain and Mist

Even rain and mist can be lovely on a Summer day. But do you know the rain that makes you drenched on five seconds? A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. Henry David Thoreau

Going to the woods…

The trees branches, bent to the ground by the airy beautiful substance of transformation. Drowned paths impassable in spring when the stuff melts. What was white and clean, is now brown, black and sticky. Soon substance of transformation… Read More

The Blueberry Season

I shot the blueberry season underway yesterday. An early start for a delicious morsel. The characteristic for the blueberries are an upright, deciduous dwarf shrub with dark blue berries. Shrub is from 15 to 45 cm and is easily recognised… Read More

The Bog – Bøllemosen

I den nordlige del af Jægersborg Hegn tæt ved Skodsborg station ligger Bøllemosen. Stilheden var næsten hørbar, da jeg gik en tur i mosen for et par dage siden. Somme tider er mosen befolket af skoleelever, som øger… Read More

Dødemandsmarsken versus Bøllemosen

Jeg var ude ved Bøllemosen efter vores hjemkomst fra Sverige. Der var et helt unikt lys, som fik mig til at tænke på De To Tårne af Tolkien; scenen med Dødemandsmarsken. Sam kan ikke kan holde det ud… Read More