An elongated sound?

Can a sound be elongated?
The forest pigeons sound like a regiment of soldiers when there are more than three.
The blackbird is phenomenal in causing noise when searching for food.
But I recognise the grass snake by a sound that goes on and on.
Depending on its size 😊
We also had the great pleasure of meeting the very cosy ‘Salamander Team’ ❤


6 Comments on “An elongated sound?

  1. What noise does a grass snake make? They are quite rare here, but I remember them from when I was little.

    • Hi George. Thanks for asking.
      When the grass snake is moving, it rattles in the withered leaf. Sorry for not making myself clear. There are different sounds from the leaf whether it is a snake or a bird. If you walk softly you sense all sort of living creatures. I often hear the snake before I see it.
      The snake hisses, if it is backed into a corner.

      • I love the fact you can tell what creature is moving through the leaf from the sound it makes.

      • Thanks for your kindness but I’m not an expert.
        But actually it’s a lot of fun to be observant 😎

      • Absolutely, and those little recognitions are wonderful. Becoming part of your environment.

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